China Trading Desk Launches Comprehensive China Travel Dashboard Amid Rising Outbound Travel

CTD Pre-trip dashboard

China Trading Desk launches interactive dashboard, offering in-depth insights into Chinese outbound travelers. Modules cover sentiment, pre-trip, and spending.

SINGAPORE, September 5, 2023/ — China Trading Desk, a premier provider of marketing and advertising solutions for the Chinese market, is proud to announce the release of our game-changing tool – the China Travel Dashboard. Built to provide unparalleled insights into the evolving attitudes, expectations, and behaviours of outbound travellers from China, this dashboard is born out of our deep understanding of the Chinese market, a sector that has witnessed a remarkable upward trajectory in recent years.

The numbers speak for themselves – Chinese tourists embarked on over 150 million international trips in 2019, and forecasts predict this figure to skyrocket to 200 million by 2028. As the world’s leading outbound travel market, deciphering Chinese tourists’ intricate preferences and behaviours is imperative for businesses and advertisers aiming to penetrate this profitable market.

Our newly launched China Travel Dashboard is designed to act as a compass, helping our clients navigate the complexity of this dynamic market. The dashboard brings a treasure trove of critical information to your fingertips, transforming it into a must-have tool for formulating and executing digital marketing campaigns aimed at Chinese tourists.

Here’s a quick overview of the unique modules the China Travel Dashboard encompasses:

1. Travel Sentiment: This module features an exhaustive quarterly survey helmed by China Trading Desk, assessing the travel inclinations of potential Chinese outbound travellers, thereby providing a snapshot of emerging trends.

2. Pre-Trip: Developed in partnership with VariFlight, this module delivers real-time travel data including daily airport traffic flow from all airports in China to a selected group of 25 countries around the world, providing a glimpse into preferred destinations.

3. In-Trip: Partnering with UnionPay, this module offers an exclusive window into Chinese tourists’ spending patterns and preferences while they’re immersed in their travel experiences.

To maintain our promise of providing the most up-to-date information, each module will be refreshed regularly with the most current and relevant data.

Subramania Bhatt, Founder & CEO of China Trading Desk, enthusiastically shares, “We are thrilled to bring this comprehensive tool to our esteemed clients. The China Travel Dashboard is a solid reflection of our relentless commitment to staying on the cutting edge of providing data that’s most relevant for our advertisers and agencies. As the outbound travel market in China continues to expand, we are confident this tool will prove to be indispensable in aiding businesses and advertisers to effectively understand, reach, and engage with Chinese tourists.”

Here are a few examples of how the data from the China Travel Dashboard can be leveraged to shape effective marketing strategies:

1. Personalized Marketing: With insights into Chinese tourists’ preferences and spending habits, businesses can create personalized advertising content to resonate better with this specific audience. For example, if the “In-Trip” data shows a preference for luxury shopping, then businesses can tailor their marketing content to highlight luxury products or services available at their destination.

2. Optimized Ad Scheduling: The real-time statistics on travel flow provided by the “Pre-Trip” module can help businesses optimize their advertising schedule. If data shows a peak in travel to a certain destination during specific months, businesses can time their promotional campaigns to coincide with these peak periods.

3. Destination Marketing: By understanding the popular destination countries from the “Pre-Trip” module, travel agencies, airlines, and destination marketing organizations can develop location-specific marketing strategies. For instance, if the data reveals that Australia is a popular destination, airlines could offer special deals on flights to Australia, or travel agencies could create bespoke travel packages highlighting unique Australian experiences.

4. Trend Prediction: The “Travel Sentiment” survey provides a pulse on the evolving travel aspirations of Chinese tourists. Businesses can anticipate upcoming trends and adapt their marketing strategies accordingly. For example, if the survey indicates a growing interest in eco-tourism, travel companies can start promoting eco-friendly accommodations or tours.

5. Product Development: Insights from the dashboard can also aid in product development. If spending habits indicate a strong interest in local cuisines, food and beverage companies might consider developing or promoting products that cater to this interest, such as local cooking classes or food-tasting tours.

Several high-profile brands, encompassing a renowned international luxury conglomerate and the world’s largest hospitality chain, were among the beta testers of the China Travel Dashboard. They have lauded the solution as the most comprehensive and innovative tool for deciphering insights and behaviours associated with Chinese travel.

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