Transformational Money Coach Regina Martinelli Launches “Your Wealthy Self” Program for Successful Women

Regina Martinelli, Founder, Your Wealthy Self

Renowned mindset coach Regina Martinelli announces new course helping accomplished women release money blocks, overcome self-doubt, and unlock inner abundance.

So many accomplished women I’ve worked with don’t feel fulfilled or deserving despite their achievements on paper.”

— Regina Martinelli

SACRAMENTO, CA, UNITED STATES, August 25, 2023/ — Sacramento, CA, August 23, 2023 – Renowned transformational mindset coach Regina Martinelli is thrilled to announce the launch of her new signature program, “Your Wealthy Self,” this September. This comprehensive online course is designed to help successful women release limiting beliefs and unlock their inner abundance, prosperity, and confidence.

“So many accomplished women I’ve worked with don’t feel fulfilled or deserving despite their achievements on paper,” said Regina Martinelli. “Your Wealthy Self provides a step-by-step framework to move beyond self-doubt, guilt, and restrictive mindsets to manifest financial freedom and emotional prosperity.”

Ideal for successful entrepreneurs, executives, and creatives who feel stuck in a cycle of overwhelm and wobbly self-worth, Your Wealthy Self will enable participants to:

• Break free from income plateaus and limiting beliefs

• Gain confidence in earning, enjoying, and sharing wealth

• Develop an empowered, aligned relationship with money

• Experience more alignment, ease, and freedom in work and life

Your Wealthy Self combines lessons and workbook activities with live coaching calls, Q&A sessions, and an exclusive online community for support. Through proven techniques grounded in neuroscience and quantum physics, women will learn to rewrite subconscious money scripts, heal ancestral patterns, expand their self-worth, and step into their wealthy identities.

Topics covered include getting clarity on desires, understanding brain science limiting beliefs, directing subconscious power, leaving family loyalties behind, and embodying your abundant self.

Regina is a certified Master transformational NLP practitioner and Holographic coach. You’ll love her sense of humor and compassion with over 25 years of experience empowering entrepreneurs globally through coaching programs and her signature course The Wealthy Self. She holds a Master’s in Organizational Change Management.

Your Wealthy Self launches in September 2023. Learn more at

Regina Martinelli is on a mission to help successful women release money blocks, overcome self-doubt, and unlock their wealthy, prosperous selves. She offers private coaching, online courses, and her signature program Your Wealthy Self.

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