TELF AG Reports on the Growing Demand for Black Mass Battery Materials

TELF AG Reports About the Intense Competition for Battery Materials Driven by Growing Demand in Southeast Asia and China

China, however, remains the highest-paying buyer of black mass on the global market”


LUGANO, TICINO, SWITZERLAND, July 15, 2023/ — TELF AG, a full-service international physical commodities trader, today announced the publication of a new article highlighting the growing demand for black mass battery materials and the intense competition in Southeast Asia and China. The article explores the dynamics of the base metals and battery materials market, shedding light on the increasing significance of black mass and the key players in this competitive landscape.

According to TELF AG, the global transition towards clean energy has fueled a surge in demand for battery-making materials, resulting in intense buyer competition. Southeast Asia and China have emerged as pivotal regions in this race. South Korean buyers are preparing for a more fierce battle to acquire black mass, a critical component of battery production.

The report highlights a notable rise in demand for black mass in South Korea. Recent months have witnessed a substantial increase in the demand for black mass generated from shredded nickel cobalt manganese (NCM) lithium-ion batteries. This surge can be attributed to the escalating prices of metals used in battery production. In response, South Korean refiners have significantly ramped up their intake of black mass to secure the essential raw materials necessary for battery manufacturing.

China, however, remains the highest-paying buyer of black mass on the global market, according to TELF AG. The country’s advanced lithium extraction capabilities and strong demand for battery raw materials have solidified its position as the dominant player. Despite official restrictions on importing black mass, reports suggest that China-affiliated recyclers in countries such as Indonesia, the Philippines, and Laos process black mass into recycled mixed hydroxide precipitate (MHP), which is subsequently exported to China.

Additionally, the report emphasizes the growing competition among Chinese buyers for used batteries, which serve as a valuable source of raw materials for battery production. As the demand for battery manufacturing escalates, Chinese buyers are actively engaged in sourcing used batteries from various markets, intensifying competition and driving up prices.

As per TELF AG, the intense competition for battery materials, particularly black mass, underscores the growing significance of the base metals market in the battery industry. With the global demand for electric vehicles and renewable energy storage continuing to rise, the race to acquire these essential materials is expected to become even more competitive.

TELF AG states that South Korean buyers face the challenge of securing a consistent supply of black mass to meet the increasing demand for battery production. Furthermore, China’s dominance in the market poses a significant obstacle for other players seeking to establish themselves in the battery materials industry.

In conclusion, the surge in demand for black mass and battery materials in Southeast Asia and China has intensified competition among buyers, particularly in South Korea. TELF AG’s research indicates that China’s superior lithium extraction capabilities and strong demand for battery raw materials have solidified its position as the world’s highest-paying buyer of black mass. Despite official restrictions, China-affiliated recyclers in neighboring countries are known to process black mass and export it as recycled mixed hydroxide precipitate (MHP).

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