BEST Teams Practice Code Blue Simulation – Incision Decision 2023

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Getting Ready for Surgery - Grove City Middle School Students

Getting Ready for Surgery – Grove City PA Middle School

Leading by Doing

DuBois PA Hands On Leadership

BEST participants, students, and mentors serve as surgeons in simulation, engineers, and scientists so that they can lead the future in these fields.

Robotic surgery is only as good as the hands guiding it. Simulations ensure those hands are well-prepared.”

— Professor Dr. Prokar Dasgupta Kings College London

PITTSBURGH, PA, UNITED STATES, October 24, 2023 / — Just a few years ago, our healthcare system experienced a crash call that was a code blue, all-hands-on-deck event to save humanity against COVID-19. Since then, the leadership of BEST has made a strategic decision that it is never too early for our youngest generation to delve into the complexity of the medical field because of the great potential of saving lives. This new and upcoming generation has demonstrated talent, creativity, and critical thinking that make them ideal candidates for the Incision Decision challenge.

This year, our K-12 students will serve as surgeons in simulation, engineers, and scientists so that they can lead the future in these fields. In this challenge, participants, students, and mentors will undertake real-time surgeries, collaborate with their teams, and create innovative technologies to succeed. To save lives, they must learn to both collaborate with their teammates and innovate technologically.

Just as a medical team does, participants will need to step up their game with critical thinking skills and practice. They will need to perform in an environment where time and the life of the patient both matters. In the next few weeks, teams across the country will have an opportunity to practice. In every BEST location where practice day occurs, participants will showcase where their mindset, innovation, and critical thinking have taken them thus far. BEST students will be able to assemble with other teams to compare notes and share and receive feedback from judges and referees.

This simulation, together with others, is a unique and exceptional part of the program of BEST. A “dry run” of what is going on behind the scenes and what would contribute to the team overcoming their challenges and moving forward. It is their practice day, mentally and technologically, a day in which they will need to make important decisions. Undoubtedly, the Simulink design is one of the lead areas on the participant’s mind. They will stand together around their laptops, butting brains, wanting to ensure they have only the BEST code at their disposal. Many will use it to review and talk about their MathWorks Simulink design. Should they make changes? Others will “argue” about the design of their innovative, cutting-edge technology that they designed.

For those of us who want to get a glimpse of those who will soon occupy our world’s innovation, entrepreneurial, and engineering leadership roles, come to practice day! See the future leaders of the healthcare system as we get them excited about saving lives!

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