Author Janelle Meraz Hooper Explores Geronimo’s Journey in “Geronimo’s Laptop”

Experience Geronimo’s extraordinary quest to return home in Janelle Meraz Hooper’s captivating historical fantasy.

EAST, PUYALLUP, WA, UNITED STATES, August 25, 2023/ — In Geronimo’s Laptop, the author explores Geronimo’s remarkable transformation from a master war strategist to a keen observer of how the white man thinks. Especially the white man who is president, Theodore Roosevelt. How can he get President Roosevelt to let him take his Chiricahua Apaches back to their home in Arizona? In this captivating historical fantasy novel, Hooper skillfully weaves together elements of history, fantasy, and humor to create a compelling narrative that both educates and entertains readers of all ages.

The book follows Geronimo’s relentless pursuit to overcome the opposition he faces from President Teddy Roosevelt, who harbors a deep disdain for Native Americans, particularly Geronimo. When he sees President Roosevelt isn’t going to release Geronimo and his band of Chiricahua Apaches, he uses his borrowed laptop to try to contact his old friend from Fort Apache, Lieutenant Gatewood, for advice.

Hooper’s inspiration for “Geronimo’s Laptop” stems from the success of her play, “Geronimo, Life on the Reservation,” which was recognized by The Los Angeles Times as one of its 19 Culture Picks of the year in 2021. Building upon the themes and characters explored in the play, Hooper extends the story in her novel, delving deeper into Geronimo’s motivations, struggles, and encounters with the complexities of the white man’s world after he is incarcerated.

As a freelance novelist and playwright, Hooper brings a unique perspective to her writing, drawing from her experiences growing up near the Ft. Sill Indian Reservation in Oklahoma and her time as a docent in various museums. Her diverse range of literary works includes the Turtle Trilogy books, suspense/romance novels like “A One-way Cruise to Africa: Terror on the Internet,” and the romantic comedy “Boogie, Boots, and Cherry Pie.”

In “Geronimo’s Laptop,” Hooper paints a vivid picture of Geronimo’s historical significance while infusing the story with elements of magic and fantasy. The novel invites readers to explore the depths of Geronimo’s character, his strategic mind, and his relentless determination to secure the freedom of his people.

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About Janelle Meraz Hooper:

Janelle Meraz Hooper is an accomplished author and playwright known for her diverse range of literary works. Raised in Oklahoma near the Ft. Sill Indian Reservation, her writing reflects her Hispanic background and interest in Indigenous culture. With numerous awards and recognition to her name, her latest award is being selected as one of the Los Angeles Times’ 19 Culture Picks in 2021. Hooper continues to captivate readers with her engaging storytelling.

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