7 Myths About Outsourced Marketing for Contractors

Outsourced marketing is a common practice for many businesses, but like any business strategy, it can be surrounded by myths and misconceptions.

Hiring a managed service provider (fCMO) for branding, marketing, and advertising services is a great way for family-owned businesses to grow their home-based construction companies”

— Nicole Crocker, Founder of SBMS Media

SAN DIEGO, CA, UNITED STATES, November 16, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — Businesses in the construction, remodeling, and home services industry are rapidly growing and are constantly on the lookout for new ways to build their companies. One such way is by hiring outsourced marketing agencies and fractional Chief Marketing Officers (fCMOs). These small and micro-businesses, however, often fall prey to myths and misconceptions about outsourcing marketing services.

Myth #1: Businesses will get more work completed with an in-house team.

Fact: Most marketing specialists are knowledgeable in one to three aspects of branding, marketing, and advertising. This means the business owner is often paying for the specialist to get trained and experiment on their brand. When working with a marketing agency or fCMO service provider, business owners have experts working on their brand in each aspect that is required to promote their business. These outsourced service providers often have in-house videographers, photographers, graphic artists, SEO specialists, Google Ads specialists, and Social Media Marketing Specialists, each an expert in their specific role.

Myth #2: There will be a disconnect from the brand if the marketing leader does not work within the building of the rest of the staff.

Fact: The gap between your business’s brand and an outsourced marketing company is primarily a communication challenge rather than a geographical one. In reality, a marketing leader who operates externally is more inclined to offer impartial recommendations as they are not closely tied to the day-to-day operations of the company. Marketing revolves around presenting the desired perception of the company, and having a marketing leader within the premises might result in a biased perspective due to their exposure to the internal realities behind closed doors.

Myth #3: Quality is compromised.

Fact: When a business owner uses an in-house marketing person who does a little bit of everything, the quality isn’t as good as when they hire an outsourced marketing team that has specialists for each task. It’s like having a person who does tile-setting occasionally versus someone who’s been a tile-setter for 10 years. The specialty contractor is just better at it. It’s the same with marketing. Even though a marketing person might know how to design graphics, an expert-trained graphic designer will make much better content that works well everywhere (print, online, on clothes, signs, billboards, yard signs, trucks, etc).

Myth #4: Only certain tasks can be outsourced.

Fact: When contractors hire an Outsourced Marketing Agency or fractional CMO service, they’re getting a team that handles all aspects of marketing, branding, and advertising. It’s not just about one or two tasks or campaigns (although that’s possible too). Some agencies and fractional marketing leaders even work closely with a business owner’s internal team, providing training and guidance. This way, specific tasks can be assigned to the right person but overseen by the marketing agency. This arrangement gives the business owner more time to focus on sales and operations, while a specialized marketing and advertising team takes care of brand management.

Myth #5: Outsourcing is only for large companies.

Fact: Outsourcing is actually used more by smaller companies than larger ones because it is often more affordable with less risk and more upside potential for growth. According to SEM Rush, nearly 94% of businesses outsource some or all of their marketing activities

Myth #6: Outsourcing means super high costs.

Fact: When considering the cost of advertising for a marketing manager, it is actually often less expensive to hire a fractional CMO or outsourced marketing agency because they already have the infrastructure in place. A marketing manager who is paid a $75k base salary is going to cost the business more like $101k burdened (after insurance, 401k, benefits, and overhead – plus the costs of advertising). Whereas a fractional CMO usually starts at closer to $36k and averages more like $60,000 (depending on the level of services provided and geography of the service provider)

Myth #7: You won’t have any control over the output.

Fact: When hiring a marketing agency or fractional CMO the end product is always approved by someone within the organization, ensuring the tone, personality, and content are accurate for the brand. After a short period, most business owners are relieved to completely pass on the burden of marketing and advertising to the marketing director assigned to their brand.

Outsourced marketing services can be a game-changing approach for businesses in the construction, remodeling, and home services industry. By debunking these myths, businesses know they don’t have to go it alone when it comes to marketing.

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