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NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, May 3, 2024 / — Just like the changing seasons, our lives are in constant flux. While we cherish moments of joy and bliss, we also inevitably encounter grief and pain. During life’s highs and lows, it’s common to wrestle with self-doubt, anxiety, and limiting beliefs that impact our emotional and psychological well-being. While talk therapy and meditation offer some relief, what truly empowers us is partnering with a skilled professional who can guide us toward deep healing of mind, body, and spirit. Picture waking up each morning and navigating the day with a sense of calm and freedom from anxiety and stress. It’s about discovering our inner harmony and approaching life’s challenges with resilience and optimism. [I reword it to make it simple. I hope you did not mind.

Young Battista (CBCP, CBCP, CLC, CECP) is a highly sought-after top-notch Emotional Coach, Introspective Analyst, Emotion, Body and Belief code practitioner.

Through her Emotional coaching, Young empowers us to define our objectives, encourages us to develop a growth mindset, and offers us evidence-based strategies to achieve our goals personally and professionally. Unlike therapy, which typically focuses on healing wounds and traumas, her emotional coaching focuses on the present and the future empowering us to live our lives to the fullest and attain all our dreams and aspirations.

She always begins by understanding her clients’ objectives and goals, using them as a foundation to explore the how and why of their current situation. Through this process, she discerns the root causes and constructs steps to rebuild their decision-making process, addressing the core issues from which they can progress towards their accomplishment.

With her intuitive nature, Young noticed a gap in traditional coaching methods. While coaching is effective in fostering progress, it often fails to address the deep-seated inner turmoil many individuals face. Luckily, she stumbled upon the Emotion, Body, and Belief code, a transformative approach that gently helps individuals let go of trauma in a holistic manner. Inspired by this discovery, she not only obtained certification but seamlessly incorporated it into her practice. Through this multi-dimensional healing approach, Young assists clients in releasing long-held burdens, paving the way for a more enlightened, joyful self, filled with positivity and self-love. This unique blend of analytical prowess and empathic intuition distinguishes her, allowing her to guide clients through profound transformations.

Young emphasizes the vital importance of managing our emotions for optimal living. She shares a personal experience of grappling with grief after her mother’s sudden passing from pancreatic cancer. Initially paralyzed by sorrow, she sought help from a psychologist and underwent traditional cognitive behavior therapy, which helped her accept and move forward in life. However, despite progress, the grief lingered even after therapy concluded. Unwilling to rely on medication to mask her emotions, she sought a holistic approach and discovered the Emotional Code. Through this modality, she finally found release from her grief and achieved inner peace. Inspired by her own journey, she pursued certification in emotional, body, and belief code modalities. Armed with these tools, she transitioned from a general life coach to specializing in emotional coaching, helping clients overcome limiting beliefs and patterns to live more fulfilling lives.

Moreover, Young’s dedication to her clients goes above and beyond. When you sign up for her 3-month program, you gain continuous access to her support through text and phone calls throughout the entire duration. Whether you need encouragement, reassurance, or guidance during challenging times, Young is there for you personally. Furthermore, she not only provides support but also teaches you valuable skills so that by the end of the program, you can navigate independently with confidence.

Young explains that managing our emotions in a healthy way is essential for living our very best lives. No matter what we are going through, don’t let life pin us down or paralyze us.

Young’s empathetic genuine heartfelt creates a supportive atmosphere that makes her so relatable to her clients.

Known for her very genuine and down-to-earth nature she instantly puts her clients at ease. Her positive, joyful, calm demeanor and warm grounded understanding attracts even the most ‘hard to reach’ individuals.

Young is also passion on her personal mission to advocate for individuals who believe in the importance of fostering more givers and fewer takers in our world. She firmly believes that if we prioritize giving over taking, we can create a world that is kinder, more generous, and more empathetic. Through her “Giver Support Group” on Facebook, she aims to cultivate a community of individuals who share this vision and are committed to making it a reality.

Not only that, she has a special incredible bond with animals, especially fur babies.

On most days you can find Young walking her beloved fur babies in Central park. If she spots any dogs that seem overly anxious, she approaches the owner and offers them a free energy session.

Young believes when we are genuinely happy, we become a light, an inspiration to everyone around us. She guides us to become more empowered in our choices, be more accountable for our lives, and develop healthier habits and behaviors thus creating a ripple effect of positivity in our own life and the world around us.

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