XFL May Not Test For Marijuana

XFL May Not Test For Marijuana

The failure of the AAF to even complete its inaugural season made something clear that the majority of sports fans already knew—starting another football league was not going to be easy. There is a reason why all the past attempts eventually failed as did the AAF.

So, why is Vince McMahon’s XFL going to be any different the second time around?

It is probably safe to say that McMahon learned a few things from his first attempt to start a pro football league. But in the end, as long as the product on the field is good, nothing else will matter. Good football can make any issue something they can handle.

To that end, the XFL appears like it may not close the door on players that the NFL takes issue with—namely, those that like to use marijuana. In a recent interview with Sports Illustrated, XFL Commissioner Oliver Luck said that he would “prefer not to test for marijuana.”

This doesn’t mean that they will not test for it. But it sounds like they are at least considering it. Luck went on to say that he doesn’t know how the league would handle guys like Josh Gordon with a long history of abuse issues.

But Gordon is actually under contract with the Patriots still so it might be more accurate to look at guys like former Dallas Cowboys defensive lineman, David Irving. He may not be willing to give up smoking to make millions in the NFL, but if he can continue to smoke and make a couple hundred thousand in the XFL…

There are certainly worse ways to make a living.

The XFL has yet to announce the names of the teams or who will be the head coach of the Houston franchise. So, the league has time to pound out some of the rules like how it wants to approach marijuana use by players.

But it did recently announce that games will be broadcast on ABC and FOX with additional games on cable (ESPN, ESPN2, FS1, and FS2). A pair of games will be played on Saturday and Sunday afternoon.

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