Xeenon Streaming Platform Launches Revolutionary CLIP$ Feature

Say hello to CLIP$—your ticket into the economy of creation, flipping the script by making fans co-creators and earners!

CLIP$ ignites a new era where fans thrive alongside creators, forging a symbiotic relationship that reshapes the digital marketplace.”

— Troy Murray, CEO Graviton

SAN JUAN, PUERTO RICO, PUERTO RICO, July 24, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — Xeenon, the groundbreaking streaming platform powered by WEB3 technology, is thrilled to announce the launch of its newest feature, CLIP$. This revolutionary addition marks a paradigm shift in the way creators and fans interact within the streaming economy. By reimagining the entire tech stack, from transcoding to O-auth, and leveraging decentralized infrastructure, Xeenon is forging a new path for the content creator world.

At the core of this transformative platform lie two key components: the Credits System, backed by the decentralized stable coin DAI, and the Affiliate Program. Serving as the gateway into the creators’ economy, the Affiliate Program opens doors for fans to actively participate, contribute, and be rewarded for their invaluable support.

Unlike traditional platforms such as Twitch, YouTube, Rumble, Twitter, TikTok, and Instagram, which predominantly focus on monetizing the creator side of the market, Xeenon takes a holistic approach. Recognizing that the content creation ecosystem is comprised of both creators and fans, Xeenon aims to empower all participants, eliminating the notion of a one-sided market.

“CLIP$ marks a transformative milestone for Xeenon and the creator economy,” says Troy Murray, CEO at Graviton, the WEB3 software studio behind Xeenon. “We believe that every individual in this ecosystem deserves to thrive, including the dedicated fans who fuel the content creator’s economy. With CLIP$, we are reshaping the digital marketplace, making everyone an active participant and enabling them to reap the rewards they deserve.”

CLIP$ introduces an unprecedented tool that allows fans to earn within the platform. This feature operates across the entire Xeenon platform, encompassing every category and fostering a vibrant and inclusive economy. Going forward, Xeenon will continue to develop category-specific tools, enabling fans to monetize their engagement alongside creators.

So, how does CLIP$ work?

To activate CLIP$, content creators must reach a significant milestone of at least five subscribers after activating the Affiliate Program. Once activated, creators gain control over the default price of a CLIP$ and determine the royalty split between themselves and the clipper. It’s important to note that only subscribers to the content creator are eligible to receive royalties for CLIP$, while anyone can create a CLIP$. In cases where the clipper is not subscribed, the royalty split of the clipper is redirected to the Xeenon platform, which maintains a default royalty percentage of 10%.

After the clipper publishes the CLIP$, it becomes available for sale in the newly activated “Marketplace” section of the content creator’s profile. Fans and collectors will discover a captivating assortment of CLIP$ listed for sale within this dedicated marketplace. Initial sales of CLIP$ are conducted using Xeenon’s Credits system. Once the first transaction occurs, the CLIP$ is minted onto the Arbitrum blockchain, ensuring its digital provenance and authenticity.

With the launch of CLIP$, Xeenon invites fans and creators alike to join a revolutionary movement that redefines the digital marketplace. By providing an innovative platform where fan participation and creative endeavors are mutually rewarding, Xeenon is at the forefront of fostering an inclusive and prosperous creator economy.

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