‘World Languages Coloring Book for Kids,’ Now Available

World Languages Coloring Book for Kids

World Languages Coloring Book for Kids - Pages

Introduces children how to say “Hello”, and count “One, Two, Three” across 15 different languages

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Kids can learn world languages and diverse cultures through Factory Sachi’s latest release, with coloring activities that inspire curiosity.

TORONTO, ON, CANADA, May 3, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Factory Sachi is excited to announce the release of “World Languages Coloring Book for Kids,” a new educational tool that opens the door to a world of languages for young learners. This coloring book is designed to make learning fun and interactive, combining the joy of coloring with the discovery of diverse cultures and languages.

About ‘World Languages Coloring Book for Kids’:

This unique coloring book takes children on a global journey through 15 different languages, from English and Spanish to Mandarin and Swahili. Each page features hand-drawn illustrations depicting characters in traditional costumes and cultural items, bringing each language’s unique heritage to vibrant life. As they color, children will learn basic greetings and numbers, supported by phonetic examples to aid pronunciation and boost memory retention.

Key Features:

Educational yet fun: Introduces children to new languages through engaging coloring activities.

Culturally enriching: Each language is illustrated with traditional attire and significant cultural symbols.

Interactive learning: Phonetic transcriptions help children learn pronunciation effortlessly.

Book Availability:

The “World Languages Coloring Book for Kids” is now available for purchase exclusively on Amazon Worldwide. It is ideally suited for children aged 4-8 and makes a perfect gift for young explorers eager to learn about the world in a colorful way.

Promotional Tie-in:

To enhance this launch, Factory Sachi is also promoting the award-winning original series “World Languages for Kids.” Between May 6 and May 7, 2024, the e-book version will be available for free download on Amazon Kindle. This promotion encourages deeper exploration into the languages featured in the coloring book.

Press Contact:

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About Factory Sachi:

Factory Sachi, headquartered in Toronto, Canada, specializes in creating captivating, educational children’s books with a focus on multicultural learning. By integrating innovative digital technologies and maintaining all production in-house, Factory Sachi delivers educational experiences that are not only fun but also foster a deeper understanding of the global cultural landscape.

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Book Details:

Title: World Languages Coloring Book for Kids

Producer: Factory Sachi

Category: Children’s Coloring Book

Page Count: 66 pages

Target Audience: Ages 4-8

ISBN for Paperback: 978-1-7770108-7-4

Embark on a linguistic and cultural journey with the “World Languages Coloring Book for Kids,” where learning meets creativity and global exploration.

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Factory Sachi
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