WiseChip to Unveil a Range of Miniature Transparent Displays at embedded world 2024

ZHUNAN TOWNSHIP, MIAOLI COUNTY, TAIWAN, April 8, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — WiseChip, an internationally renowned manufacturer of PMOLED displays, is set to showcase its latest innovations at the embedded world 2024 exhibition. With extensive experience in manufacturing and research and development, WiseChip has been a leader in the smart entertainment sector for over 19 years. Its miniature development products, ranging from portable to wearable and head-mounted displays, have found diverse applications across various industries, including the burgeoning field of near-eye devices. WiseChip’s business expansion has seen it establish connections with 90% of optical customers worldwide. Particularly in the realm of sports optics, such as golf rangefinders, scopes, and binoculars, WiseChip continues to thrive, capturing a significant portion of the market with an annual growth rate of 2% to 3%. Leveraging its wealth of experience, WiseChip can rapidly respond to the demands of the optical market, ensuring its production scale aligns optimally with customer needs.

WiseChip’s PMOLED displays offer significant advantages in AR applications, boasting a transparency exceeding 92% and incorporating technology for invisible pattern masking, thus adapting to various weather and environmental conditions. This enables users to obtain clear visibility and precise distance information even at long distances. Such features have propelled a paradigm shift in the business model of miniature transparent PMOLED display modules, facilitating their expansion into diverse fields and addressing the challenge of optimal integration between human and machine. Additionally, WiseChip’s PMOLED displays exhibit outstanding transparency and direct-view characteristics, simplifying the integration of environmental imagery and display information. With light loss minimized to less than 5%, brightness during usage is enhanced, contributing to prolonged device lifespan and significant reduction in battery consumption. Moreover, they contribute to reducing overall device size and battery capacity requirements.

WiseChip’s “Flawless Image-embedded Transparent OLED Module” has already found success in applications such as outdoor shooting crosshairs, golf rangefinders, and industrial telescopes. Presently, WiseChip is actively expanding into other AR applications, including industrial warehouse data transmission, technician near-eye data transfer devices, and forestry monitoring and management, injecting transparency, lightweight, rapid development, and cost-effectiveness into near-eye device products.

Leveraging its exceptional optical design capabilities, WiseChip offers a diverse range of panel configurations, providing economically efficient solutions for optical measurement equipment manufacturers. This not only reduces customer inventory but also streamlines manufacturing processes, enabling swift adaptation to market demands.

For further information, visit WiseChip’s website. www.wisechip.com.tw


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Flawless Image-embedded Transparent OLED Module

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