Will the Giants Eli Manning be in the HOF?

Will the Giants Eli Manning be in the HOF?

Eli Manning, #10 Eli Manning

So, it might not be the end yet for Eli Manning, but if it is, does he belong to the Pro Football Hall of Fame? With Daniel Jones stepping in as the starting quarterback for the Giants, it looks like this might be the last of Eli Manning we are going to see. A man who got such accolades in his career that many just dream of. But his career is very perplexing and nothing like we have seen. He had two great playoff runs in 2007 and 2011 and capped them off by beating none other than Tom Brady and the New England Patriots. Outside of those runs, he was an average quarterback at best.

High Expectations

Eli Manning is the son of a former NFL quarterback and his elder brother, Peyton Manning, also played in the NFL as a quarterback (obviously). This puts huge expectations on Eli. Peyton Manning is the geratest regular season quarterback of all time. He’s had a huge reputation to live up to, and some say he lived up to it. He might have not reached the class of his brother because his brother was just on another higher level but he achieved some staggering feats throughout his long career that Archie Manning and Peyton Manning are definitely proud of.

Eli Manning holds the record for his franchise for most touchdown passes and most passing yards throughout his career. He also holds the record for most completed passes in a career. He has never been a conventional quarterback for the Giants but he has been a remarkable in the postseason for his team. His most notable achievements were winning the two Super Bowls the XLII and XLVI with Giants. He achieved a pair of Super Bowl Rings and that is an achievement that many players in the Hall of Fame haven’t achieved either. A successful quarterback is one who can drive his team to victory, and Manning succeeded in winning two rings with his team.

Beating Tom Brady & Bill Belichick

While he might not be a sure-shot ticket to the Hall of Fame, beating the New England Patriots twice in the biggest game is an achievement worth some respect. Let’s just think about it for a second. Tom Brady & Co have been to 9 Super Bowls, they have won six of them. Two of the losses were to Eli Manning’s Giants. Granted, it was mostly their defense that kept them in the game. However, Eli made some key throws in those Super Bowls. Obviously that helmet catch by Plaxico. And the throw down the sideline to Mario Manningham. I still get nightmares about those plays and I’m sure Tom does as well. Ultimately, it’s gonna be very difficult to keep him out of the HOF with those 2 playoff runs and beating the greatest NFL dynasty we have ever seen TWICE.

Eli Manning and His Longevity

Say what you want about him, Eli is a work horse. Never misses a game, never gets injured, always ready to play. He holds the record with 210 consecutive starts for the Giants. It is the second-longest streak in NFL history by any quarterback. For 14 straight seasons, Eli Manning started every game for the Giants with the exception of one-game in 2017 when he was benched. This is a remarkable feat that deserves some credit.

Something that doesn’t look great is final record as a starter. He is currently 116-116 for exactly .500. That is obviously something that can’t be ignored and will definitely be taken into consideration when his time is up but I don’t think it’s enough to warrant keeping him out.


Cue in Jim Mora…

According to Pro Football Reference, Eli Manning is 7th all time in career passing yards with 56,537. He is 8th all time in passing touchdowns with 362. All the quarterbacks ahead of him in these categories are sure fire first ballot hall of famers by the way. Where he falls extremely short is in career passer rating, with a whopping 84.1 passer rating good enough for 45th all time. Honorable mentions ahead of him? Case Keenum, Jay Cutler, Sam Bradford, Ryan Tannehill, and Alex Smith. Doesn’t sound that impressive now huh? He also led the league in interceptions 3 times in 14 seasons. Eli Manning made in the last ten seasons made the playoffs twice. One of those times was the 2011 Super Bowl tho.

Eli Manning had two great playoff runs, two Super Bowl rings, and two Super Bowl MVPs. And that’s really about it. Because of how long he played and his durability he ends up in the top 10 for a lot of passing categories but if you dig a little deeper you can see that he was an average to below average quarterback for 95% of his career. I think because of his two Super Bowls, and the MVPs he gets in the HOF. I’m not sure if he is a first ballot Hall of famer but he will get in eventually.

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