VirgoCX Wealth to Launch Anticipated OTC Direct Upgrade
TORONTO - October 20, 2022 - (

Canada's leading regulated cryptocurrency exchange VirgoCX is set to launch the anticipated OTC Direct overhaul to its over-the-counter (OTC) trading platform, VirgoCX Wealth. As part of their ongoing commitment to providing the best tools and user experience for their clients, the launch intends to provide the resources investors require to make timely, educated trading decisions with utmost ease.

The VirgoCX Wealth platform combines the familiar interface of traditional retail trading platforms with the capability of making large block transactions of CA$50,000 or larger, all while reducing transaction fees. The platform's OTC Direct upgrade, tailored using client feedback, improves on all the aspects that made VirgoCX Wealth so innovative for its users. Along with an updated, streamlined look and feel, the platform implements a new and dynamic advanced user interface. The platform will also feature faster connectivity with even more robust API integration to provide its client base with an industry-leading overall user experience.

Returning users will immediately notice some new features, including an advanced charting tool that will help savvy investors be even more conscious with their decision-making. With the standardized functionality of being able to place limit and RFQ orders, the update also brings users the ability to now place stop orders. Despite the flurry of new features being added to VirgoCX Wealth, the platform nonetheless retains its best-in-class liquidity with access to more than 60 major cryptocurrencies. To further complement its globe-trotting user base, Wealth has expanded to provide rapid settlement to over 35 global fiat currencies whilst still offering a wide range of CAD and USD trading pairs. 

"We understand our clients' need for a robust all-in-one tool which brings the power and usability that investors have come to rely upon in traditional marketplaces," says Jonathan Han, Managing Director, VirgoCX Wealth. "This upgrade to OTC Direct will bridge the gap and allow customers to make more timely and informed trading decisions."

VirgoCX continues to push the boundaries when creating the best experience for its users, with the VirgoCX Wealth platform extending the experience to institutional investors. Alongside traditional OTC trading, investors are also able to take advantage of the platform's NFT brokerage service to further expand their portfolios. 

About VirgoCX Wealth

A division of Canadian cryptocurrency exchange VirgoCX, VirgoCX Wealth offers direct market access for cryptocurrencies with optimal price execution. It bridges the gap between traditional financial services and the cryptocurrency markets by allowing clients to have access to a deep pool of crypto and fiat currencies to fill large orders at a desired market price.

About VirgoCX

Founded in 2018, VirgoCX is committed to making crypto trading safe, easy, and affordable for Canadians. It is Canada's trusted cryptocurrency trading platform and is dedicated to streamlining trading experience and empowering clients with advanced technology, superior liquidity, and best-in-class security.

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