VentiSwap Launches Non-Custodial Crypto Exchange Aimed at Cross-Chain Swaps, Lower Transaction Fees
ZURICH - August 5, 2022 - (

VentiSwap, a new non-custodial, true cross-chain swap, has launched the beta version of its platform aimed at providing users with lower transaction fees, and more efficient cross-chain swaps. VentiSwap joins the small community of an ever-growing need of cross-chain platforms currently active in the industry.

By not relying on the use of middle tokens, bridges, HTLC, or P2P functions to initiate and complete transactions, VentiSwap has differentiated itself from other cross-chain DEX platforms. The VentiSwap platform was developed to provide an intuitive, efficient method for users to trade any type of supported blockchain in one simple transaction by leveraging VentiSwap's proprietary algorithms.

The advantages of the company's proprietary algorithms, which VentiSwap bases its cross-chain DEX platform around, are that they enable fast, efficient transactions which require no third-party middlemen to complete - providing users with the ability to perform true cross-chain swaps. VentiSwap has been able to optimize transaction exchange rates for users, encouraging traders to fully leverage multiple liquidity pools. VentiSwap is also the first to ever offer a refund function for failed transactions.

The VentiSwap Token (VST) was originally slated to launch in late 2021, but after potential security issues, the VentiSwap team decided to undergo a security audit by CertiK, an industry-leading DeFi and blockchain security audit company, to ensure code integrity, mitigate risk, and guarantee security.

CertiK found zero critical, major, medium, or minor issues in its VentiSwap code security assessment, which allowed the VentiSwap team to move forward with the launch in Q2 2022. VST is currently available on 1Inch and Uniswap with CEX listings coming soon.

In addition to the VentiSwap platform, VentiTech, VentiSwap's parent company, is also working on several cross-chain crypto projects:

  • VentiNFT - a cross-chain NFT marketplace
  • VentiWallet - a multi-chain wallet platform
  • VentiPresale - a cross-chain presale platform
  • VentiVerse - an interactive storefront to display NFTs, play games, and earn rewards
  • VentiHeadz - a line of 80's style utility NFTs
  • VentiSwap Token - an ERC20 "no reflections" and non-taxed utility token

VentiHeadz, the company's line of 80's style utility NFTs, has already launched in Q2 2022. Only 5,000 will ever be minted. Advantages of holding a VentiHeadz NFT include full access to VentiTech's entire line of cross-chain platforms, a complimentary VentiHeadz t-shirt, access to a private online chat community, and an invitation to an exclusive in-person event. The price to mint one VentiHeadz NFT is 0.1 ETH. VentiHeadz website.   

About VentiSwap

The VentiSwap project was initiated in March 2021, and the company is incorporated in Switzerland. VentiSwap's development teams are based in the UK, India, and Pakistan. The platform is officially affiliated with industry-leading Binance, which provides VentiSwap's back-end liquidity. VentiSwap does not offer money (fiat) transferring or transactions. It only offers token to token swapping. Purchasing and cashing out needs to be done on other platforms.

The beta version of the VentiSwap platform can be experienced by visiting the official VentiSwap website

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