Turnspout Wins Prestigious NHRA Retailers’ Choice Award at 2024 National Hardware Show (NHS), Las Vegas

Fred Nykamp proudly showcases TurnSpout alongside its NHRA Retailers’ Choice Award, received at the National Hardware Show.

Retailer Choice Award Certificate

TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA, April 19, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — TURNSPOUT the groundbreaking invention, clinches the highly recognized NHRA Retailers’ Choice Award at the National Hardware Show (NHS), March 26-28, 2024, in Las Vegas, beating out thousands of different products from hundreds of exhibiting companies. NHRA represents more than 34000 hardware retailers in the USA/Canada. This revolutionary invention is set to transform roof water, home and property drainage management on a universal scale. Turnspout, invented in Niagara, Ontario, Canada, by Fred Nykamp, boasts a patent-pending design that promises to revolutionize drainage systems. Its innovative features include an adjustable, lockable elbow joint capable of rotating 360 degrees and lifting and lowering 25 degrees, ensuring seamless directional adaptation to any environment. This breakthrough invention eliminates downspout obstruction, guaranteeing more efficient and directed water drainage for homes, commercial properties, greatly simplified lawn care, project management and much more.

Asher Peres, CEO of Toolway, the Exclusive Licensed Manufacturer and Distributor of TurnSpout, for the USA & Canada, expressed his excitement about Turnspout’s success, stating, “Winning the NHRA Retailers’ Choice Award is a testament to Toolway’s commitment to innovation. Turnspout’s recognition reaffirms our dedication to providing cutting-edge solutions for modern challenges.”

Fred Nykamp, Owner/Inventor of Turnspout, emphasized the product’s impact on addressing the major climate change issue of improved management of flooding and drainage, greatly simplifying lawn, garden and work projects. “Turnspout will revolutionize drainage management, offering both residential and commercial buildings and properties a robust solution to combat flooding, water damage and greatly simplified lawn and garden work” Nykamp stated.

This award solidifies Turnspout’s status as a game-changer in roof water drainage and property management. With its ease of installation and wide-ranging applications, Turnspout is poised to make waves in the industry.

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TurnSpout: The Ultimate Home Maintenance Solution | 360° Rotating Drainage System

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