Tubi tops Max, Disney+, more in May streaming battle

Tubi, which has a library of more than 200,000 movies/TV shows and has always been free, beat the likes of Max, Disney+ and more in May.

As the streaming wars rage on, one unlikely victor emerged last month, with Tubi – which touts itself as having the largest library of any streaming service out there – edging out Disney+, Max, Paramount+, and nearly every other competitor out there. And we all know the advantage Tubi has over the rest – and it’s not just the streaming rights to Gingerdead Man vs. Evil Bong

As per a Nielsen report (via the LA Times), Tubi averaged 1 million viewers in May, topping Disney+, which had around 30,000 fewer viewers. That’s one heck of an achievement considering Disney+ is home to Marvel, Star Wars and Pixar, and Tubi’s home page is currently showcasing a TMZ doc on O.J. Simpson, a reality show about content creators and a 15-year-old George Clooney movie. So how did Tubi end up on top? Take a look at your bank account and see how much they’re charging for their content.

Tubi’s free status no doubt has driven its views up into the streaming stratosphere, with the non-existent price point significantly working to their advantage while also making a statement on all of the others that have jacked up their prices as of late. As Tubi’s chief content officer Adam Lewison put it, “Of course, those are things that are going to positively impact us.” Now, if you’re thinking that Tubi is a headache because of all the ads, keep in mind that behemoths like Max, Netflix, Prime Video, and Paramount+ all have tier systems with at least one ad-supported option. With those in place, does it really matter all that much if Tubi hits you with ads in the middle of Bio-Dome?

Tubi may at times be a punchline for its library, but with a collection of more 200,000 movies and TV shows, it’s expected that there will be a lot of crap. But at the same time, a quick look at the home page shows off a trove of classics (North by Northwest), modern favorites (Tenet) and genre flicks (you name it!). In other words, there’s something for everybody – and we mean everybody.

Tubi isn’t the only free streaming service but has proven to be one of the most popular. They may not have NFL or Spider-Man, but if they stick to their guns by refusing to charge viewers, they could continue their rise.

How often do you watch Tubi? What do you gravitate to on the streaming service? Let us know below!

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