True Crime Story Gets Global Attention

I WILL RUIN YOU by Emilio Corsetti III, True Crime Thriller, Courtroom Drama Book

Was an innocent pilot framed for murder? Dive into the tale of Kit Martin’s trial. Unravel the truth behind the headlines in I WILL RUIN YOU.

Tom told the jurors that the 22-caliber bullets sent to the lab did not match any of Kit’s 22-caliber guns. ‘Fingerprints? Nope. Statements? Nope. Witnesses? Nope.’”

— From the book

DENVER, COLORADO, USA, March 26, 2024 / — Did the State of Kentucky convict an innocent man?

Moments before boarding a passenger flight on 11 May 2019 as the first officer, pilot Christian “Kit” Martin, a former army ranger, was arrested by a swarm of heavily armed officers for the murders of three of his neighbors. The arrest captured global attention as Martin’s mugshot, clad in a pilot’s uniform, spread across the internet, sparking a media firestorm with headlines, such as “Monster in the Cockpit.”

A combat helicopter pilot, Kit Martin had seen his life unravel after seeking a divorce. His wife’s threatening words, “If you leave me, I will ruin your life …,” overheard by his daughter, seemed to have become a grim reality, escalating to a court-martial and culminating in a high-stakes murder trial at which he was convicted.

I WILL RUIN YOU: The Twisted Truth Behind the Kit Martin Murder Trial delves into the complex circumstances behind Martin’s story. It looks beyond the sensational headlines and legal turmoil into the heart of this controversial case.

With an investigative journalist’s eye, author Emilio Corsetti III presents the facts of the crime that led to the arrest, and the extraordinary lengths used to secure a conviction in this true crime page-turner.

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I WILL RUIN YOU by Emilio Corsetti III Book Trailer – True Crime Couortroom Drama Thriller

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