Tigs & Gin Studio Announces Kickstarter Launch for “Robo Cat Story”

The mobile game features a compelling story and vibrant visuals that pay homage to classic RPGs while pushing the boundaries of mobile gaming

We’re not just creating a game; we’re reviving a beloved genre with a modern twist, making every moment in the game an exploration of wonder and excitement.”

— Sam Barris, Co-Founder and Game Developer

MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA, UNITED STATES, February 5, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Tigs & Gin Studio, founded by the visionary duo Sam and Julie Barris, is thrilled to announce an exciting journey into the gaming world with their upcoming action RPG, “Robo Cat Story.” The studio, a labor of love by a small family from Minnesota, aims to revolutionize the mobile gaming experience with their innovative title, set to launch exclusively for iPhone devices in May 2024.

In anticipation of their upcoming game launch, Tigs & Gin Studio is thrilled to extend an invitation to join their Kickstarter campaign beginning March 1st. This is a unique chance to contribute to and become an integral part of this thrilling venture.

The studio is hosting an exclusive opportunity for fans and future players as part of the run-up to the release of “Robo Cat Story.” By registering for updates at Tigs & Gin Studio, participants will receive a downloadable wallpaper and be entered to win exclusive prizes.

Subscribers to the VIP list will unlock an array of pre-launch exclusives worth $250 including 10,000 in-game diamonds, enriching their gameplay experience right from the start.

“Creating ‘Robo Cat Story’ has been an adventure as much as a challenge,” said Sam Barris, Co-Founder and Game Developer. “It embodies our passion for RPGs and our commitment to delivering an exhilarating experience. We’re not just creating a game; we’re reviving a beloved genre with a modern twist, making every moment in the game an exploration of wonder and excitement.”

Tigs & Gin Studio is determined to stand out in a crowded market by emphasizing manual play, exploration, and engaging combat. “Robo Cat Story” promises a refreshing take on action RPGs with unique features such as a dynamic skill system, customizable difficulty, and player-friendly UI. Inspired by classics like Ragnarok Online and MapleStory, the game is designed to captivate with its original story, vibrant graphics, and immersive gameplay.

With the Kickstarter campaign and game launch on the horizon, Tigs & Gin Studio is on the brink of bringing “Robo Cat Story” to life, a dream project years in the making.

About Tigs & Gin Studio

Tigs & Gin Studio, nestled in the heart of Minnesota, is the brainchild of Sam and Julie Barris, a dynamic duo and family team with a fervent passion for video game development. This indie studio emerged from their shared dream to craft immersive and engaging gaming experiences, showcasing their creativity and dedication through their flagship iPhone-exclusive project, “Robo Cat Story.” Aiming to revive and redefine the action RPG genre, Tigs & Gin Studio balances the complexities of game development with family life, emphasizing manual play, exploration, and rich storytelling. Their commitment to quality, player satisfaction, and community engagement marks Tigs & Gin Studio as not just a game developer, but a story of passion, resilience, and the pursuit of dreams. For further details, explore https://www.tigsandgin.com/ and join their journey in redefining mobile gaming.


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