TIGP trains Overseas Candidate Dr.Komal Patel from California to represent as Ms.International World Indo-US Petite 2023

Dr. Komal Patel Ms. International World Indo-US Petite 2023

TIGP Overseas Candidate Dr. Komal Patel

TIGP Overseas Candidate Dr. Komal Patel

A Dental Surgeon with a Masters Degree in Public Health who joined the beauty pageant industry to prove it to the world that beauty can co-exist with brains.

CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, October 17, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — It’s a myth that beauty pageants are all about just external beauty and to defy this myth here comes Dr. Komal Patel. Born in Gujarat, currently settled in the sunny state of California, USA, “Dr. Komal has emerged as a true icon of inspiration, resilience, and the embodiment of the indomitable spirit”. A Dental Surgeon with a Masters Degree in Public Health who joined the beauty pageant industry to prove it to the world that beauty can co-exist with brains.

As she prepares to compete for the coveted title of Ms. International World Indo-US Petite 2023 under the guidance and mentorship of The International Glamour Project popularly known as TIGP, she plans to embrace her flaws and show the world the grit, determination, the warrior spirit of she possesses.

“Dr. Komal Patel is not your typical beauty pageant contestant. Apart from being a Dental Surgeon and holding a Masters degree in Public Health she has also served in the US Military which is an attestation of her selflessness and dedication”. As she was born in India and is now settled in the USA, she chose to represent her Indo-American heritage on the International Platform with the guidance of TIGP.

“What sets Dr. Komal Patel apart from the rest is her strong spiritual belief, which has been a guiding force in her life”. Recently married, Dr. Patel’s journey to this point has not been without its share of challenges. She has faced ridicule and criticism for her petite stature, a hurdle that she has triumphantly overcome. It is this resilience that truly defines her as a person. Her life story is a testament to her mantra that ‘nothing is impossible,’ a philosophy she passionately wishes to share with the world, especially young girls aspiring to reach for the stars.Dr. Patel’s commitment to breaking barriers and making her voice heard extends beyond the world of pageantry. Her involvement with the Global Citizen Organization is a testament to her advocacy for change and her dedication to contributing to the betterment of the underprivileged. She has worked tirelessly to raise awareness for this cause, making her an incredibly deserving contender for the People’s Choice Award at the upcoming Ms. International World 2023 pageant.

Dr. Komal Patel’s journey from India to the United States is a testament to her determination and unwavering spirit. It has been an arduous path, one filled with obstacles that she had to overcome to achieve her dreams. Her story is an inspiration to many who dream of migrating to a foreign land and making a mark. As the world watches in anticipation of the Ms. International World 2023 pageant, we wish Dr. Komal Patel the very best. This multi-tasker who dons various hats that of California’s dental surgeon, the petite powerhouse, a true advocate for change, Dr. Komal Patel forges ahead to win the Crown.

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