Three Weeks Left Until Southeast Asia’s Largest Crypto Expo
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According to its recent announcement, M Vision PLC — a major media and content production company — is about to organize the largest crypto expo ever seen in Southeast Asia. The so-called Thailand Crypto Expo, located in Thailand, as the name suggests, will be the largest event of its kind in this part of the world, featuring blockchain technology, cryptocurrency, metaverse, NFTs, other forms of digital assets, and more.

The event will take place between October 6th and 9th of this year, with over 700,000 attendees. It will also have more than 400 exhibitors, 150 journalists and media partners, as well as more than 150 specialized speakers. More than that, it will also see the appearance of some of the most influential C-Level executives, experts, and founders from all corners of the world.

What do we know so far?

Blockchain, crypto, NFTs, metaverse, and other major sectors of the crypto industry are still among the hottest topics and major trends on a global level, and as the development continues to advance — it is crucial for as many people as possible to gain a deep understanding of these concepts.

In order to help ensure this, M Vision PLC announced the soon launch of the largest crypto expo in South East Asia, which has four major goals — to provide thorough knowledge and understanding of crypto and blockchain technologies; help investors, organizations, and individuals meet the industry experts and learn from them directly; create an exclusive platform that would be ideal for individuals, and allow them to gain and maintain their knowledge of the industry; and listen and network with C-Level executives, experts, and influencers.

Organization of the event

As mentioned, the event is organized by M Vision PLC  — a company established in 2002 whose goal is to provide its services in media production and produce content in information technology — primarily smartphones.

1. Exchange zone, which will help open new investment opportunities in regulated exchanges

2. Investor zone, which will offer knowledge and understanding of crypto funds

3. Conference zone, which will offer knowledge in the crypto industry gained directly from experts, influencers, and C-Level executives

4. Metaverse & GameFi zone, where the community can learn the new highest-trending concepts such as metaverse, blockchain gaming, and how it works with DeFi

5. NFT & Creator zone, where 3D creators and artists from the NFT space will be able to share their own experiences with the sector

Users can attend the event for free for all four days and use the opportunity to learn as much as they can about the areas of the crypto industry that they are the most interested in.

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