This week Ny Art Life Magazine presents: Marina Pereira, Fashion Designer of the unique Eva collection

Marina Pereira

The Dress- Eva Collection Autumn/Winter

Marina Pereira, the designer who is synonymous with elegance and creativity in the fashion industry, is the designer behind the ‘Eva Autumn/Winter Collection’.

Femininity and masculinity are not oppositions, they are not exclusionary. Once you grasp this as a fashion designer, you can truly express creatively”

— Marina Pereira

CHELSEA, NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, December 23, 2023 / — This week New York Art Life interviews the well-known fashion designer Marina Pereira. Marina is a NYC-based designer who has worked and designed for top brands such as Gule, Marchesa, and Altuzarra. The interview is read entirely in New York Art Life Magazine in which we discover Marina’s artistic and professional achievements.

In this interview, Marina shares her experiences, her creative process, and her insights on her unique Eva collection. She provides a unique perspective on fashion, inclusivity, and sustainability. An avant-garde fashion designer, Marina is changing the way the world sees and understands fashion. Most importantly she discusses the importance of her fashion collection. A fashion collection is a fashion designer’s opportunity to present her vision and aesthetic to the world. It is an extremely important aspect of a fashion designer’s career and should not go unnoticed.

Her collection, Eva, mixes the edgy with the soft while exploring the juxtaposition of the feminine and masculine. Her use of different textiles makes the collection appealing to all types of consumers, making her collection easily accessible. With Eva, she took her unique idea of women’s wear and unraveled, reworked, and deconstructed it, with redefined ease in mind. This classic, yet dark collection possesses a downtown edge. Eva contains multiple stylized looks such as a classic double-breasted blazer, a blouson with looped sleeves, and reinvented slacks.

In keeping with her dedication to individuality, every outfit is different and speaks to a different element of femininity and masculinity. Her collection includes hard lines and soft edges, hard textiles, and soft textiles. Before the release of this unique collection. Marina spent countless hours studying the classic textiles and their uses and how to innovate them for the new Gen Z consumer. She incorporated her knowledge of Brazilian textiles and fashion design and superimposed it with her US experience and training. The result is a dark and feminine collection. Marina Pereira is a one-of-a-kind icon who took fashion from the beaches of Brazil to the streets of NYC.

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