The Wake Up Call- Mechanisms and strategies that can handle the unpredictable nature of DEMENTIA

A Heartrending Journey of Love , Financial loss, and Resilience

Dementia impacts every aspect of the individual life and those remaining”

— Marc S. Gold

LOS ANGELES, CALIFONIA, USA, October 27, 2023 / — A Heartrending Journey of Love, Loss, and Resilience

When the author Cynthia D. Kline’s fiancé of 15 years was diagnosed with Rapid Declining Dementia, their world turned upside down. A mere 5 months later, he passed away, leaving her to navigate the turbulent waters of grief and helplessness. Yet in the midst of despair, she found strength to fight the California System, and purpose as an advocate.

Discover: The harrowing reality of watching a loved one fade away before your eyes.

The WHO has stated that over 55 million people are diagnosed with DEMENTIA, with no cure, no help, and no medications.

The practical insights and reality offer advice on handling the unpredictable nature of DEMENTIA

The very real possibility of Financial loss and ruinn.

Through her deeply personal and raw narrative Cynthia sheds lighten the very day complexities, the unexpected twists and turns, and the emotional toll it takes on the caregiver.

The Wake Up Call is not only a page turner, a tear jerker, it’s a made for TV movie, there viewer won’t forget.

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