The #TUE social movement is now launched


The three pillars that the Give Back Token social movement army raises are TRUST, UNITY, and EDUCATION.

SYDNEY, NSW, AUSTRALIA, March 18, 2024 / — The #TUE social movement is now launched. $1 has the power to alter the course of humankind.

The three pillars that the Give Back Token army raises are TRUST, UNITY, and EDUCATION.

The global socioeconomic class inequality is enormous and is only getting worse, leaving many of us with little hope for the near future.

The Give Back Token Foundation made an essential move in this direction. As the newest cryptocurrency that you have all heard of, #GBT, has sparked a new social movement aimed at closing those financial gaps through DEX launch on Pancakeswap, a globally tradable digital currency that anyone who supports GBT mission can partner with and own and receive your cut in GBT FOUNDATION for as little as $1.

Every marathon begins with a single step. and #GiveBackToken is currently taking place these steps.

Some of those steps were listed by the project leader on the official GBT FOUNDATION ARMY telegram group:

– Completed almost 2 books about GBT ideology and mission

– compare networks / fees / efficiency / money value, to choose the right home Network to GBT project and decided on BSC

– Have a large network of financial backup from individuals and corporate partners who never stop assisting me until now

– Started a marketing campaign more than 6 weeks before GBT launch day for multiple reasons:

1- Open the room for GBT community to verify me through my personal details ( LinkedIn verified with passport name account, personal facebook, regular live calls …)

2- Show the whole community how “ Give Back Token “ is all about giving, and GBT will never stop this, You saw that in every aspect of this project, from the self operating mechanism with 99% total give back your money back – which is one of the kind system, crypto has never seen a full 99% Give Back your money back with great interest

3- Created a community from scratch, built TG from 0 members, my legs for TG were like that, 1, 9, 72, 94, (starting the campaign officially) , 1100, 3200, 6000, 8000, 11000, 13000, 14500, 19000, 20000 members

4- Created X from scratch, and you all know how GBT got their Twitters followers, the whole twitter saw GBT giveaways and they still seeing it

5- GBT has 9 social media presence fam TG, FB, TikTok, Insta, PineRest, YouTube, CMC, Linkedin & X (both verified)

6- Audit CA / stacking pool / Liquidity locker provider with one of the most elite and trusted Networks on BSC

7- Created a unified logo, slogan, banners, GBT in your username, which shows the strong presence wherever you goes

8- Daily support and presence to address any concerns and to post regular projects updates as soon as it arises

9- Get listed on CG, Moontok, DEXTools …

10- Explained to the community in details, why I created GBT and share personal experiences why I’m so dedicated into this project for the coming years.

11- Explain to the community how GBT has the right renewable resources funding and mechanisms which ensure how it survive for years in advance and how we are the perfect environment to be the regulator for the giveaways industry for multiple reasons

A- Personal history in the industry

B- Explain that your time is worth more money

C- All MAJOR decisions done by public voting

D- Unify and address GBT as a Giveaway community currency which had a flawless YES from this beloved community (hunters and hosts) which I’m grateful and honoured with for life.

12- Established a powerful marketing department

13- Established the Creative group who keep you updated with fresh content on daily basis

14- Established communication department with group of admins to handle marketing and hosts proposals

15- Have treasury with trusted person to send you all your individual payments

16- Regularly doing all sort of giveaways events from X giveaways, to reaction games, guess celebrities games, music trivia … (check media to know the rest)

17- Regularly working on putting my Investor first by looking for best money value offers and deals that GBT can save money to this community and allocate that money for better use to your advantage

18- Ensure an immediate technical support when any emergency arise and never leave my investors with no solution, and issue refunds in cases something GBT can’t recover those funds (txn proofs must be submitted)

#GBT with #TUE trying to build a modern people power nation, built on TRUST, UNITY, EDUCATION #TUE

Samowel Aboud
Give Back Token Foundation Pty Ltd
[email protected]
Visit us on social media:

How to buy GBT ?

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