“The Tome of Ding Poems” Reveals Poetry with Life Lessons

Terence Dingwall shares rhymes, verses laced with wisdom, parables, humor

DOONSIDE, NEW SOUTH WALES, AUSTRALIA, August 2, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — “The Tome of Ding Poems” is a collection of poetry by Terence Dingwall in which he distills real-life events and people, telling their stories through rhyme and verse. With this entertaining account of an interesting life he provides insights, amusements and food for thought to pass the time pleasantly and bring a smile to readers’ faces.

A collection of tongue in cheek lyricism, Dingwall covers everything from love to tragedy while telling his story as well as portraying the lives and times of those around him. Dingwall’s poetic pieces are meant to be enunciated, shouted from the rooftops or whispered in quiet moments of the night. They are varied, but each written with care and respect, containing touches of humor to brighten readers’ days. This is also Dingwall’s way to share untold stories in a way that is light and easy to absorb due to the medium of poetry, which readers can engage with at their leisure. They can flip to any page and get something that inspires or saddens or compels.

“They are my parables, my subtle poking of the shibboleths we build in the ivory towers of our minds.” Dingwall says. With his poems he shares controversy and love hidden in between the lines for the readers to parse. “You will find food for thought that is inwardly digestible.”

About the Author

Terence Dingwall was born at Port Victoria in the Seychelles Islands, emigrated with his family to Kenya. He was educated at boarding schools in Nakuru and Nairobi and moved with his family to New Zealand where he left school and joined the Royal New Zealand Air Force. After serving 20 years as an avionics technician, he moved to Australia where he worked as an aircraft assembler at Hawker de Havilland and Boeing, mobile phone technician at Mitsubishi Electric Australia, radio technician at Jenkins Engineering and Defence, as avionics tech at Hawker Pacific Pty Ltd till he retired. He lives in Doonside, Western Sydney with his partner Susan. They have three children who have finally escaped from the nest and are making their own way in life. His chief interests are writing stories, boating, gliding, riding motorcycles on the Putty Road and tinkering with things mechanical while laughing diabolically in the basement of the house that he is still building after 30 years.

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