The Smart Way to Earn More: Choosing Mutual Fund Distribution for Financial Success

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Explore the lucrative world of Mutual Fund Distribution and embark on a journey towards financial prosperity and growth.

Best Mutual Fund Distribution Platform in India”

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CHENNAI, TAMIL NADU, INDIA, November 22, 2023 / — In just eight months, Mrs. Kalaivani, a former Mathematics professor, transformed her life by becoming a Mutual Fund Distributor in India (MFD) and achieving an extraordinary milestone – acquiring over 400 clients with AssetPlus. This inspirational journey not only defied the challenges of a career transition but also showcased the transformative power of embracing the Mutual Fund Distribution Business.

Raju Choudhary, once managing personal investments, now oversees 70+ crores of AUM for 2000+ investors, building a flourishing mutual fund distribution business grounded in trust and success.

Similarly, Meer Farhan, an engineer turned mutual fund distributor, shares his success story, building a SIP book exceeding 20 Lakhs in just a year with AssetPlus.

Becoming a mutual fund distributor is a lucrative career choice, offering the freedom to shape your financial success. With the potential for significant earnings, they meet the demand for expert guidance, helping clients achieve financial goals. This transformative journey, backed by the right tools and support, empowers individuals to establish thriving mutual fund distribution businesses.

First things first, let’s look at who is a mutual fund distributor, how to become one and what are the benefits of mutual fund distribution.

Who is a Mutual Fund Distributor?


Mutual Fund Distributors are the intermediaries who help investors find the right mutual fund schemes. These advisors are experts who understand your risk appetite, money goals, and how long you want to invest. They use this info to suggest the best mutual funds for you. To be a mutual fund distributor, one must get the right qualifications.

Mutual Fund Distributors make their income through a commission, a key part of the distribution process. This commission depends on various factors, such as the kind of mutual fund, how much is invested, and the distributor’s level of experience. They get a portion of the assets they manage (AUM) as a commission, often referred to as trail commission, paid at regular intervals. This setup encourages distributors to keep supporting investors, creating a beneficial situation for both parties.

How to become a Mutual Fund Distributor?


To begin a rewarding career as a Mutual Fund Distributor, one must go through the necessary registration steps. This includes getting the required certifications and registrations, such as the NISM (National Institute of Securities Markets) VA certification and the Association of Mutual Funds in India (AMFI) registration. Being AMFI certified ensures that agents follow industry rules, have the right knowledge, and act ethically.

Advantages of Being in the Mutual Fund Distribution Business


Strong Earning Potential:


As Mutual Fund Distributors in India, individuals can earn significant income through commissions on client investments. With a growing number of investors and rising awareness about investments, the chance to earn a good salary is substantial.

Establishing Enduring Client Relationships:


The Mutual Fund Distribution field offers advisors the chance to develop lasting relationships with clients. By understanding their financial objectives, risk appetite, and investment preferences, advisors can provide custom advice, tailored investment options, and continuous support, increasing client satisfaction and loyalty.

Promoting Financial Inclusion:


Mutual Fund Distributors are key in advancing financial inclusion by educating investors and guiding them through the complex investment landscape. Their expertise allows them to help people from various backgrounds make savvy investment choices, enhancing financial literacy and empowerment.

How AssetPlus helps Mutual Fund Distributors to become the best in the industry?


AssetPlus enables Mutual Fund Distributors with their powerful digital platform. Unlike traditional MFD aggregators, AssetPlus is a digital-first platform helping MFDs all over India manage their client management, marketing, business development and operational support with their tech platform. They even help potential candidates become Mutual Fund Distributors by helping them clear the NISM VA exam and getting the ARN number. AssetPlus is looking at becoming the MFDs No.1 choice for a digital partner to help them grow and succeed in their business.

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