The new frontier of participatory shopping

The new way to shop online

An innovative web platform, based on mutual support, transforming the way of online shopping

TUSCANY, ITALY, June 13, 2024 / — In today’s digital landscape, a wind of change is blowing through online shopping habits. Marco Casini, a Tuscan visionary, redefines the concept of e-commerce and promises to change the way we shop, ushering in the era of Socialwishing with the launch of An atypical crowdfunding web platform that through group collaboration, offers users the opportunity to get significant discounts on their requested items.

Here’s how it works: Users select the item they want to buy from millions of products online. Sharing will be protected by anonymity so the request can be made without others knowing. Each user, by paying 10 percent of the price for the desired item, will interface with the rest of the community, creating a virtuous circle of satisfaction through the exchange of a small part of their budget. “In this way,” Casini clarifies, “anyone can get what they most want with a minimum of effort. On our platform there are those who have chosen a console, those who have chosen a home appliance, those who have chosen a new pair of sneakers, a suitcase. And more than 60 percent of users have already gotten more than 40 percent off their item.”

Users have total control over the purchase, with the ability to decide when and how they get it. The algorithm rewards donors, and inviting friends to participate, as in traditional crowdfunding, increases satisfaction levels.

Choosing to start in Italy: “If I can help increase people’s purchasing power, I want to start here!” says Casini. Any object can be included in the Platform ( with exceptions: its market value must be ascertainable, it must not be used products or belong to certain categories such as food goods, weapons or medicines. Otherwise, anything is possible.”

From an innovative idea, QUANfunding has become an established reality, publicly awarded the “Dream of the Year” plaque by the Confcommercio of Pisa. With a rapidly expanding community and the interest of new investors, the Platform is preparing to explore new horizons.

Marco Casini
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