The Many Voices of Shalu Chisenga: “Nizalota”

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The new single “Nizalota” by the Zambian singer-songwriter Shalu Chisenga will be released on June 1st, 2024

DEUTSCHLAND, May 29, 2024 / — If one had to put all the diverse attributes that describe Shalu Chisengas’ music – such as the mix of genres, the use of different languages, and the fusion of traditional and modern elements – into one word, it might be: “dreamy”. Or “hopeful”. Shalu Chisengas new single “Nizalota” will be released on 1st of June 2024 and translates from Nyanja, one of 74 Zambian languages, as “I will dream”. In Shalus first acapella song he combines different layers of his voice to create the full and unique sound of “Nizalota”. Nothing is synthetic, even the bass is voice-only! While the outcry “Maiwe” is an utterance of dismay about the current state of the world, the remaining lyrics of the song talk about hope for a better future and surrounding yourself with the ones you love and who share a positive perspective on the world. Something everyone needs these days.

Shalu is a promising newcomer to the European music scene and has performances planned in Germany and neighboring countries as well as further releases for 2024. Stay tuned!

Shalu Chisenga is a Zambian self-taught singer-songwriter, guitarist, and music producer. He creates his own music, starting with the lyrics and melodies, right through to the recording and the final editing. He grew up in Zambia, studied in Namibia, and is now living in Germany since 2020. So far, he has performing experience for over 10 years. He sings in English and Nyanja, a Zambian language, about inspiration and love, but also topics such as farewell and loss.

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