The K.C. Chiefs, F1 Racing and Women’s Sports are a Few of the Big Insights in the 2024 Study of Sports Fans by SBRnet

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In the 2024 edition of the SBRnet Annual Study of Sports Fans, exciting stories focus on the K.C. Chiefs, Formula One Racing, Women’s Sports, and more.

This year’s study spotlights several compelling narratives.”

— Neil Schwartz

BOCA RATON, FL, UNITED STATES, March 18, 2024 / — SBRnet , a provider of nationwide sports marketing data focused on fan trends, is excited to announce the release of the highly anticipated 2024 Sports Fan Data survey results. Covering nearly 6,700 sports fans nationwide, this comprehensive dataset includes the habits and behaviors of sports enthusiasts across 19 sports/leagues and 68 categories of data, including four new categories.

According to Neil Schwartz, President of SBRnet, “This year’s study spotlights several compelling narratives. These are just a few that popped off the page”.

● The NFL continues to dominate, with 174 million fans attending live games or tuning in via traditional TV or streaming platforms, solidifying its position as the pinnacle of American sports.
● The “Taylor Swift Effect” on the NFL and the Kansas City Chiefs is quantified, with the Chiefs emerging as the second most popular team among sports fans, particularly resonating with Gen-Z and young women.
● Formula One experiences a substantial year-over-year increase in its fan base, attributed to factors such as the Netflix series “Drive to Survive” and the addition of three Formula One races in the USA.
● Women’s sports witnessed significant growth in 2023, with leagues like the WNBA and College Basketball showing remarkable positive strides.

In a dynamic landscape, SBRnet remains committed to providing cutting-edge insights. Schwartz adds, “Each year we assess what’s going on in terns of changing trends in the business of sports and then tries to add them to the yearly survey of sports fans.

Here’s what’s new for 2024:
● Sustainability Focus: This year, we’ve included questions targeting the sustainable habits of sports fans, recognizing that sustainability extends beyond recycling. Explore data at various levels, from league to consumer category, to gain deeper insights.
● Economic Sentiment: Amid recent economic turbulence, we’ve added a question to gauge respondents’ feelings about their personal economic status. Anticipate insights into how sports enthusiasts’ outlook may differ from non-sports fans.
● Sports Tourism and Secondary Markets: With the burgeoning sports tourism industry, we’ve expanded coverage to understand the secondary market for sporting event tickets, offering invaluable insights for students and professionals alike.
● Enhanced Women’s Sports Coverage: Our expanded coverage includes popular women’s sports like Soccer, Volleyball, Softball, and Ice-Hockey, ensuring robust data representation and insights.
● Fitness Engagement: Delve into sports enthusiasts’ engagement with activities like running and walking, providing essential data for footwear brands and fitness-related industries

Access the entirety of the data is only available to subscribers of the SBRnet service

For further inquiries or to arrange discussions on data insights and use cases, contact [email protected] or visit SBRnet.

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SBRnet and the Sports Market Analytics Platform provide a comprehensive online platform of nationwide sports business, sports marketing and sports marketing analytics, using syndicated custom and proprietary research for professional and college sports, consumer research, industry reports, and licensed industry articles. The service features extensive research and custom reports covering sports participation, the fan market and behaviors, venues, sponsorships, and expenditure on sporting goods, brand preference, and more. The service also provides the academic community with a comprehensive Sports Business Resource Center to provide additional research support and insights.

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