The first publisher from South East Asia to surpass 3 Billion Downloads

Amanotes is joining 3 Billion Downloads

Amanotes – leading Interactive Music company

Bill Vo – CEO and Co-founder of Amanotes

Amanotes, the #1 interactive music company, has crossed 3 Billion Downloads worldwide, making it the ever first publisher from SEA to reach such height.

3 billion downloads is a momentous occasion for Amanotes. From the 1st to the 2nd, and now the 3rd billion and counting, we continue to hit all the right notes in the mission of Everyone Can Music”

— Bill Vo, CEO and Co-founder of Amanotes

SINGAPORE, July 5, 2023/ — Amanotes’ dedication to delivering exceptional interactive music experiences has propelled them to the forefront of the industry. Their success can be attributed to their highly acclaimed games, including Magic Tiles 3, Tiles Hop, and their latest release, Duet Cats. These games have resonated with players around the globe, resulting in impressive download figures.

Among the accumulated 3 billion downloads, Magic Tiles 3 alone has contributed over 1 billion downloads, while Tiles Hop has garnered nearly 1 billion downloads. These two games, known as Evergreens, is consistently listed in the top 5 global charts both in iOS and Android.

With a staggering 100 million monthly active users, Amanotes has amassed a vast and engaged global audience. Their extensive song library, boasting over 1 million tracks, offers players a diverse and immersive musical experience.

Guided by a vision to create an Interactive Music Platform, Amanotes harnesses the power of advanced technologies, particularly AI, to enhance their business operations and music tech offerings.

Furthermore, Amanotes is actively seeking strategic mergers and acquisitions with partners specializing in studio games, tech solutions, and music tech. This approach reflects their commitment to expanding their capabilities and fostering collaborations to drive further growth and innovation within the industry.

Amanotes’ groundbreaking achievement in exceeding 3 billion downloads demonstrates their commitment to pushing the boundaries of interactive music gaming. With an ever-expanding user base, extensive song library, and a vision to transform the music industry through advanced technology, Amanotes is poised to shape the future of interactive music experiences.


Amanotes is a fast-growing interactive music company from Southeast Asia. Their goal is to delight people with interactive music experiences. Some of their chart-topping hyper-casual games include Magic Tiles 3, Tiles Hop, Dancing Road, etc.

Amanotes is the #1 Music Game Publisher worldwide (2019)

Amanotes is the #1 App Publisher from Southeast Asia by downloads worldwide. (2021)

Amanotes is ranked Top-20 Mobile App Publisher worldwide across all categories (2019).

As of July 2023, Amanotes amassed more than 3 billion app downloads worldwide, over 105 Million monthly active users, and over 12 Million daily active users.

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