The Disney and Final Fantasy crossover Kingdom Hearts is reportedly getting a feature film adaptation

A new report says a Kingdom Hearts movie is set to bring the Disney and Final Fantasy crossover RPG to the silver screen!

Gawrsh! It’s time to fire up the rumor mill because fresh hearsay suggests a Kingdom Hearts movie is in the works. Dear Kingdom Hearts fans, before you start seeing stars and giving your keyblade replica a shine, it’s important to note that this news is as unofficial as it comes. DisInsider says Square Enix‘s beloved Disney x Final Fantasy crossover is getting the motion picture treatment. The site’s founder, Skyler Shuler, wrote about the adaptation rumor in a mailbag post, saying a source confirmed the pie-in-the-sky project.

Shuler’s source says the Kingdom Hearts movie began as a Disney+ project but is now heading to theaters. The rumor corresponds with a post shared by industry leaker DanielRPK, who also claims a silver screen adaptation of the character-rich RPG is happening. DisInsider says Disney has yet to greenlight the film, so take all this with a grain of salt. I’ll be filing this in the “I’ll believe it when I see it” pile because we’ve been down this road before. It’s true. A Kingdom Hearts series was rumored to be developing 20 years ago, with an animatic of the pilot going to YouTube.

For the uninitiated, Kingdom Hearts is a long-running action RPG video game franchise featuring various Disney and Final Fantasy characters. Disney and Square Enix tell the Kingdom Hearts story over several games, including mainline titles and lore-enhancing entries, like Kingdom Hearts 358/2 DaysKingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance, and Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories.

The story of Kingdom Hearts is extraordinarily convoluted, with even some of the franchise’s biggest fans needing clarification on the long-running tale. However, the first game in the series revolves around Sora, a young boy whose world gets destroyed by a mysterious force. After his friends go missing, Sora finds himself on a quest to find them. Donald Duck (a magic user) and Goofy (a Barbarian-like heavy) join Sora on his adventure and travel to a variety of popular Disney worlds, like Wonderland, Olympus Coliseum, Deep Jungle, 100 Acre Wood, Traverse Town, Agrabah, and more.

Kingdom Hearts movie would be a monumental undertaking, with the story department working overtime to ensure casual audiences can follow the plot. Still, it would likely become the most talked-about crossover event in ages, with countless characters from across Disney and Final Fantasy lore involved in the feature-length odyssey.

Could a Kingdom Hearts movie happen at Disney? Are you a fan of the video game series? Let us know in the comments section below.

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