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Trade Crypto with Monesave

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Save as a group

Social media has come a long way & is part of our lives. Crypto has evolved steadily also. But budgeting & savings have been left behind with users all isolated

WILMINGTON, DELAWARE, USA, April 8, 2024 / — Let’s address something that might sound a bit complicated and distant from each other but is actually pretty connected and should be part of any personal finance strategy – Crypto and Budgeting.

Social media has come a long way and is part of our lives. Crypto has evolved steadily also. But budgeting and savings have been left behind. With the continued rise of cryptocurrencies, a new option has emerged: Crypto-Budgeting.

Monesave – a banking fintech app is a trailblazer in this field. It allows users to create a budget and benchmark their expenses with others. As part of users’ budgeting, they can invest in crypto directly from the app.

Most Banking and Fintech app’s today focus on personal finance and personal budgets. Monesave aims to focus more on the social approach while also allows users to anonymously share their budgeting strategies with others and benchmark their expenses against users of a similar age. This fosters a sense of community and healthy competition, motivating users to achieve their financial goals.

“Our mission at Monesave is to promote the community aspects of budgeting, savings and crypto investments,” said Patrick Enin. “We are social creatures but are isolated when it comes to our finances. We believe that by combining the power of our social based app with support from our regulated partners, we provide our users with a comprehensive tool to achieve financial success.”

Monesave joins most banks & fintech with its commitment to sustainability, with its upcoming wooden debit card. This eco-friendly alternative to traditional plastic cards is a testament to Monesave’s dedication to reducing its carbon footprint and contributing to a greener planet.

With Monesave, users can seamlessly integrate their budgeting and cryptocurrency investment strategies, making it easier to manage their finances and build wealth for the future.

Key features of the Monesave app include:

• Budget creation and tracking

• Anonymous budget sharing and expense benchmarking

• Direct cryptocurrency investment from the app

• Climate-conscious wooden debit card option (coming soon)

Monesave web app is now available now. It will also be available to download on the App Store and Google Play Store from the 13th of April.

For more information, visit or contact us via the web app.

About Monesave

Monesave is a revolutionary fintech app that combines budgeting with cryptocurrency investment to empower individuals to achieve financial success. With features like budget creation, anonymous sharing, and direct crypto investment, Monesave is redefining the way people manage their money. Stay connected with us on Instagram and tiktok below.

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