The Birth of the SuperMeme: Tech startup MemeMaker preparing official launch of app

MemeMaker SuperMemes

Tech startup MemeMaker introduces the SuperMeme – leveraging artificial intelligence to create instant memes based on breaking news stories.

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, USA, June 29, 2023/ — Tech startup company MemeMaker is preparing for the official launch of its all-new app, giving birth to the SuperMeme. The app uses the latest AI technology to create memes based on trending news. The AI then generates an image, script, and clones a voice to create a micro movie.

According to MemeMaker, the app will change the way memes are created and consumed. Users can now create cutting-edge memes to post on social media to promote anything they want. The tech startup aims to redefine the landscape of memes with SuperMemes. Interested parties can sign-up to the MemeMaker waiting list, as the app’s official launch nears.

The app creates SuperMemes by using cutting-edge technology to compile content that is data backed and engineered for virality. The data used to create SuperMemes mean they are more likely to go viral compared to normal memes.

Users can quickly create SuperMemes using the desktop application. The app allows users to use a variety of tools to build their SuperMeme before sharing it with the world. The true innovation of MemeMaker is its ability to spot and act upon trending topics early.

In June, MemeMaker released one of its most popular SuperMemes based on news of Elon Musk challenging Mark Zuckerberg to a cage fight. The Musk-Zuckerberg meme was just one example of how quickly the MemeMaker AI identifies trending topics to produce viral content.

“We have hit over 800 million views on our [MemeMaker] memes,” Vic Yolodin, Founder, said. “We know how to go viral. We built MemeMaker to enable other people to get the attention they deserve on social media platforms.”

Memes are cultural artefacts of the Internet age. Oftentimes, they become famous after being spread online and are used in a variety of ways. For two decades, people have created memes to make a political or social statement, promote a cause, advertise a brand or to simply entertain.

The recent shift to AI-created content enables a larger group of people to become creators. Now, everyone can become a content creator and go viral regardless of their creative background. Learn more about MemeMaker and SuperMemes by visiting the company’s official website.

About MemeMaker:

MemeMaker is a leading technology company specializing in meme creation and viral content. With its unique blend of Content Marketing, Artificial Intelligence, Cryptocurrency, and SAAS, MemeMaker is at the forefront of meme culture innovation, empowering users to unleash their creativity and captivate audiences worldwide.

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