The Art of Connection: The Namarketer Approach to Marketing

Bob Namar is the founder and president of Namarketer.

Leveraging technology to connect, engage, and build enduring bonds, Namarketer exercises the power of digital to magnify the essence of human interaction.

We are not just about selling products, but about making genuine, impactful connections.”

— Bob Namar

BASKING RIDGE, NJ, UNITED STATES, April 1, 2024 / — When Bob Namar, Namarketer‘s founder, received an unexpected call from Adam Begley, President of, he wasn’t sure what to expect. But when Begley shared a poignant story of a veteran who, through their dock-to-boat transfer device, overcame isolation from physical constraints and rediscovered boating joy, he understood it was more than simply a grateful client’s call; it confirmed the success of the campaign they put in place to develop impactful connections.

Namarketer’s targeted social media and public relations strategy for Handicaptain was making waves, leading to increased discoveries and purchases of Handicaptain. “The lives we’re able to touch provide a special kind of bonus,” Bob says, reflecting on the campaign’s success. “It helps people experience joy they were missing.”

In an industry that thrives on constant evolution, Namarketer has established itself as a beacon of how innovation, coupled with a deep understanding of technology, human connection, and integrity, can redefine success in the digital age. Bob describes the journey that got him to this point in his career as an “indirect spiral path,” but one that has served to validate his philosophy that embracing change and leveraging the potential of digital technology are crucial for success.

Bob’s career journey, from pioneering marketing efforts for a professional baseball team to steering Fortune 500 companies through the digital age, is a testament to his adaptability and a unique blend of nuance and restraint. From hands-on roles at major advertising and public relations firms to implementing marketing strategies at the helm of Wall Street firms, Bob’s experiences have equipped him with the insights to navigate the complexities of modern marketing.

Pioneering Digital Marketing with a Personal Touch
Bob’s career extends back long enough to have seen the way the internet affected marketing, and vice versa. His initial skepticism towards the early internet reflected a broader industry sentiment, yet his vision for its transformative potential ultimately paved the way for his career and led him to create Namarketer. Bob’s conviction that digital tools should augment rather than supplant the human aspects of marketing shows in his strategic use of these platforms. By leveraging technology to connect, engage, and build enduring bonds, Namarketer exercises the true power of digital, using it to magnify the essence of human interaction.

A Vision for the Future
“Looking back on my journey, I see a path defined by curiosity, learning, and adaptation,” Bob reflects. Today, his agency is dealing with elements of the latest marketing revolution, and Bob is threading the needle to incorporate integrity, creativity, and technology to create not only effective but also deeply meaningful marketing strategies. “We are not just about selling products but about making genuine, impactful connections,” Bob says.

Amplifying Stories That Matter
Namarketer’s commitment to telling stories that matter is vividly illustrated in its work with Charged with a mission to make boating accessible for everyone,’s collaboration with Namarketer has been pivotal in reaching and empowering individuals with physical setbacks, showcasing the agency’s knack for conveying the essence of a product and its impact on lives.

Similarly, the partnership with demonstrates Namarketer’s versatility. From consulting on website development to crafting engaging product descriptions, Namarketer has played a crucial role in delivering nostalgia with a modern twist, enriching the shopping experience with stories that resonate.

Clients clearly appreciate their association with Namarketer. “Working with Bob has been nothing short of remarkable. Bob’s ability to navigate complex situations with efficiency is truly commendable. He consistently delivers creative solutions that hit the mark and does so on time and within budget,” said one brand marketing client. Another, who has worked with Bob for years, cites his persona. “What sets him apart is his unflappable nature; no matter how tough or stressful the situation, I’ve never seen his blood pressure rise. His calm demeanor in the face of challenges not only instills confidence in his team but also assures us as clients that we are in capable hands.”

Cultivating Leaders
Over the year, much of the talent under Bob’s direction has thrived, moving on to leadership roles in the industry. From guiding aspiring writers to success in television and gaming to inspiring one-time interns to start their own successful agencies, Bob’s profound impact is evident. His mentorship is marked by a deep commitment to developing his team, fostering a belief that true success lies in the talent one nurtures. This approach has not only shaped careers but also left a lasting imprint on the marketing field, with many citing Bob’s influence as key to their growth and success.

“When I was having doubts about my career, it was Bob’s mentorship and encouragement that inspired me to stay in the marketing industry. His guidance wasn’t just about navigating the present; it was about shaping the future of marketing,” said a colleague who had a successful marketing career before transitioning to education as a professor of marketing at a major university. “I’m profoundly grateful for his influence, as it has made all the difference in my career. Now, in my teaching career, I strive to impart the same wisdom and passion to my students that Bob shared with me.”

Another colleague cited working with Bob as a turning point for her. “His generosity, instruction and the passion he brought to every project both taught me about the agency world and ignited my own passion for it, she said. “It gave me the drive to start my own agency. Today, as the owner of a successful firm in Boston, I can unequivocally say that it was Bob’s influence that set me on this path. He truly shapes the futures of those lucky enough to work with him.”

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