The $16 Secret to Drew Barrymore’s Megawatt Smile

The $16 Secret to Drew Barrymore’s Megawatt Smile

Beauty secrets straight from Hollywood! Drew Barrymore is a beauty-obsessed star with her very own Instagram hashtag to prove it: #BeautyJunkieWeek. The 45-year-old actress loves to share her favorite skin, hair and makeup products with her 13 million Instagram followers and so she’s been spontaneously sharing her favorites on the ‘gram for the past three years.

Beauty Junkie Week was born on May 18, 2018, after the actress underwent a “clear and brilliant laser treatment, which she says, “helps me with my crazy level 10 Malasma after babies.” The blonde beauty glows in the post-treatment selfie, looking fresh-faced and radiant. It’s no wonder that she felt inspired to share her secrets!

Since then Barrymore, who is the founder of Flower Beauty, has posted other personal beauty product mini-reviews, hashtagged to her series. Each product gets its own post, sometimes with a selfie showcasing its effect. The products range in prices to hit any budget. There’s a mix of affordable options you can find at the drugstore to luxury items that the actress has deemed worth the splurge.

Needless to say, this is a beauty series we’re super into. Oh, and for those of you wondering, Barrymore also made sure to note that these posts are not ads. “Remember. I don’t get paid or encouraged to post anything during this week,” the star told her followers in May 2018. “These are my personal finds that I can’t wait to share.”

Keep scrolling for a look at some of the beauty products Barrymore’s obsessed with — and why!

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