Teezy’s Week 9 NFL Picks

Teezy’s Week 9 NFL Picks

It’s been an exciting season so far, and this will be third week of my Pick ‘Em column. I’ve been off the writing for a bit due to some technical difficulties but I’m picking it back up this week. Last predictions I made were for week 6, kinda skipped the last two weeks and I’ve updated how my week 6 went.

Week 6 Results

Again, I’m tracking all my picks for the year in this google spreadsheet. My first week using the spread to pick my games didn’t go very well. Green Bay won a close one against the Lions that week. I think the Lions outplayed the Packers for most of that game but they just couldn’t put the Packers away late. Aaron Rodgers brings his team back with a late fourth quarter touchdown and they win barely. Philadelphia was probably my worst pick, I actually thought Philly would go and win against the Vikings on the road but they get hammered pretty hard. If you haven’t seen my Week 6 picks article, here it is. The Titans also lost pretty bad against Denver on the road. I’m seeing a trend here, road teams visiting good defenses?.. Hmm… I’ll keep that in mind.

Atlanta lost to Arizona on the road. The Falcons actually scored a touchdown towards the end of the game but Matt Bryant who is usually very reliable missed the extra point and the Falcons lose by one.

Week 9 Picks

Keep in mind that the spread can move throughout the week, so it can be at one number early in the week and then it can shift up or down towards the later part of the week based on what people are betting on and injury updates, things of that nature. So these values that I have are from the time of writing this article. I’m also starting a “Fab 5”. So the blue highlighted games are my most sure picks for the week and I’ll be tracking those as well.

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