SwapACar.io has launched an innovative insurance policy exclusively for its buyers and sellers


This platform allows car sellers to act as lenders, giving them more control over the process.

EAST ISLIP, NEW YORK, USA, June 29, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — SwapACar.io, a pioneering online platform, today announced the launch of its innovative auto-selling service. This groundbreaking platform is designed to empower car sellers, particularly those struggling with loan payments, enabling them to act as lenders and set their own down payment and monthly payment conditions.

At SwapACar.io, it’s important to provide our customers with an insurance policy to ensure that they feel protected when listing and selling vehicles on our platform. Co-founder Storm Hogue emphasized the need for this policy to benefit both buyers and sellers.

SwapACar.io CEO is Joel Junior Cineas, a 23-year-old college student and seasoned manager of his family’s oil company.

Cineas developed SwapACar to assist individuals facing financial difficulties, such as job loss or struggles with car payments. The platform is a response to the alarming number of car repossessions in the United States, which currently stands at over 2.2 million vehicles per year.

“SwapACar.io is here to empower millions of Americans to take control of their auto vehicles and overcome these issues,” said Cineas. “Our platform allows people with paid-off cars or those with car loans to act as a banker and charge down payments and monthly payment terms similar to those of a conventional bank loan.”

The platform’s patent-pending feature allows sellers to list their vehicles with ease, regardless of their payment status. Whether a vehicle is paid off, the owner is behind on loans or the vehicle is financed, SwapACar.io provides a solution. Sellers can create a lien term of up to 75 months if their car is already paid off, and they have the power to charge customers monthly payments and a down payment to get them into the vehicle.

SwapACar.io is also excited to offer clients one month’s car note in advance when they ship their vehicle to the SwapACar.io dealership and have a new customer pay the down payment. To access the dealership, clients must have a membership and a special SwapCard.

“We are committed to providing our customers with a stress-free and enjoyable car-buying experience,” Cineas added.

“You can purchase a vehicle with no credit score needed since you are helping others who are behind on a loan or looking to sell it. As long as you can afford it, we make it possible for you to purchase your dream vehicle.”

For more information, visit swapacar.io, follow the company on Instagram or call 833-792-7462.


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