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FRONT ROYAL, VIRGINIA, UNITED STATES, May 3, 2024 / — Susan O. Schall PhD is one of the brightest minds of our generation and has often been saluted in the media for her accomplishments. It is not just that she has an advanced education in Engineering but that she made her entrance into the Industrial Engineering field at a time when women did not have much of a presence in STEM careers.

Susan spent many successful years working for giants of industry like Eastman Kodak and Dupont, often in a role focused on quality manufacturing. Today she is the owner of her own business, a consultancy that draws on her unique education and experiences, and enables manufacturers to maximize their leadership potential, improve organizational health and productivity, and deliver greater value to their customers.

Susan has designed and led the implementation of programs to improve product quality, streamline tools and processes, and integrate continuous improvement principles. She has applied new methodologies that hedge scrap, scheduling, and cost issues, and also improve throughput. These terms may not immediately resonate with most individuals, but they mean everything to a manufacturing operation, and Susan will outline it all in her upcoming show.

Susan notes that there are two meanings to the name she chose for her business, SOS Consulting. Of course, it is connected to her initials and a name well known in certain circles. But there is also the maritime meaning of SOS, and when companies seek her support they usually are in need of quick help. Even her website has a meaningful URL (once they execute the plans she designs, each firm is in a more competitive position.) Her firm focuses on organizational health, which is achieved through more effective leadership, strategic team building, clarity, and tangible opportunities for improvement. Susan and her teams collaborate with the client at every step of the engagement — from defining the strategic goals to results. Together, they help organizations to strengthen and affirm their leadership, improve production, and better engage their employees.

“I’m not someone who comes in with a hammer and everything is a nail.. I work with each client to see what they really need (since they often don’t know how to express it) and then ensure the right fit. I’m the kind of consultant people can trust. It’s made a difference for over 20 years now. “

Susan also says a distinction is people; that everyone is so intently focused on AI and robotics these days, but a company truly needs good people. Technology doesn’t work unless the teams who use it are strong, confident and cohesive.

Susan will be appearing on Close Up Radio as part of their Empowering Women Series. She recalls a time when she was the only woman at the table during engineering meetings. Growing up as the only female in a house with three brothers taught her to speak out and stand up for herself. She is proud to be recognized as a trailblazer; someone who broke the proverbial glass ceiling. Not that long ago Susan gave a presentation at Penn State that addressed the topic of how to survive in the all-boys club (a male dominated industry) and that women must stand together, stand tall, and claim their value. Women in science and engineering also have to “grab the men who will stand up along with us.”

Susan makes her home in the Northern part of the Shenandoah Valley, a region known as the breadbasket of the south that also boasts a manufacturing cluster of polymer-based products. She loves the landscape and natural splendor, particularly in spring when it is blooming with dogwood, redbud, and forsythia. Expressing this is one sign that she is more of a warm, down-to-earth partner than a rocket scientist.

Susan and her SOS firm are defined by their customer-centric, results-oriented approach as well as a set of values that include openness, honesty, integrity and respect. You will sense this when you listen to her upcoming radio show and learn the many sides of this exceptional woman.

Close Up Radio will Feature Susan O. Schall of SOS Consulting in an interview with Jim Masters on Thursday, May 7th at 1:00pm EDT

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