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Seeking a Visionary Director for WWII Thriller “A River Dark”

The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.”

— Martin Luther King, Jr.

SHREVEPORT, LOUISIANA, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, May 1, 2024 / — Lloyd Lyles, a producer for 24 years at Sultan of Suave, is on a quest to find a film director to lead a psychological thriller movie set in World War II.

In the heart of the film industry for over two decades, Lloyd Lyles, a seasoned producer at Sultan of Suave, traces his love for film back to his childhood days in Denver, Colorado. Growing up surrounded by television and radio, Lyles’ insatiable desire to be part of media led him to study broadcasting in college, earning a degree in communications and broadcast media.

Now, a producer at Sultan of Suave, Lyles is on a mission to find a director for his latest project, a compelling World War II psychological thriller titled “A River Dark.” This film portrays a German family during the war, exploring the clash of ideologies within the family as they navigate the complex landscape of Nazi Germany.

Lyles is seeking a director for “A River Dark”, recognizing the critical role they play in the success of a film. Understanding the importance of buy-in from stakeholders, including actors and investors, Lyles emphasizes the need for an expert director who can maximize creative potential and financial returns. In his pursuit, he highlights the key qualities he seeks in a director. This includes the ability to handle action, amplify silent moments, and attract A-list talent. Drawing inspiration from legendary directors like Ridley Scott, he is looking for a director who will play a crucial role in bringing their meticulously crafted script to life.

“We want to catch the eye of a bankable director seeking a new cinematic venture or individuals looking to support a World War II movie as part of their philanthropic endeavors,” Lyles added.

Furthermore, Lyles underscores the collaborative nature of the filmmaking journey, valuing a director’s capacity to align with the producers’ creative vision, while adding their unique touch.

“We want to have a deeply collaborative project with the director. He or she will have the freedom to embrace it and make it their own. However, we would love to work with someone who values the insights of the team. Once we select a director who we feel can make this fly, we will not be micromanaging them. I believe that, when you hire people, you set them free to do their work,” he shared.

“A River Dark” isn’t just another psychological thriller; it challenges misconceptions about Germans during the Second World War. Lyles aims to portray the internal struggle of Germans fighting against the Nazis within their own country, urging viewers to question their role in times of injustice.

“I want people to think about what they would do if they were ever faced with a do-or-die situation involving the military, government, and religious fanaticism, the three main powers that cross the line all the time. Sometimes they operate separately, but the deadliest form is when they’re all blended. I think that’s the general idea that I want people to think about,” he said.

The film’s depth becomes clearer when Lyles mentions the protagonist’s involvement with the Ministry of Propaganda, promising a thorough examination of this key issue. “A River Dark” digs into the internal affairs of this arm of the Nazi Party machine, providing an unconventional perspective on how media influences behaviors and actions during wartime.

As Sultan of Suave embarks on this cinematic journey, they extend an invitation to visionary directors to join them in bringing “A River Dark” to life. This partnership isn’t just about making a film; it’s an opportunity to contribute to a powerful narrative that challenges perceptions and resonates with audiences on a profound level.

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