Soundreach Celebrates Launch With the Goal to Get Independent Music Artists Noticed with Innovative Marketing Strategies

Ben Hanna, Founder of Soundreach

Ben Hanna, Founder of Soundreach

Revolutionary music marketing agency opens the doors to increased Spotify streams and breakthrough social media engagement

Now, more than ever, independent artists have the opportunity to rise and be successful without third-party ‘overlords’ ruling over them.”

— Ben Hanna, Founder

BOULDER, COLORADO, UNITED STATES, June 5, 2024 / — Is there a better way for independent music artists to get noticed? According to Soundreach, a new marketing agency founded by music industry veteran Ben Hanna, there certainly is. In that spirit, Soundreach recently announced its official launch, with the mission to help independent music artists grow their following through innovative and ever-evolving digital marketing strategies. The agency’s services, which are already in high demand, include cold email campaigns, targeted ads, PR outreach, and playlist submission campaigns.

The need for Soundreach is clear. Insiders agree that in today’s rapidly evolving music industry, music creators face tough challenges in gaining visibility and building a fanbase. Even with immense talent, many artists struggle to get their music heard, lost in the overwhelming number of new releases. Every day, approximately 100,000 songs are uploaded to Spotify, and a staggering 99% of them never surpass 1,000 streams. Soundreach seeks to address this issue by providing artists with the tools and strategies they need to succeed without relying on traditional music industry gatekeepers.

“In 2024, the music industry is rapidly changing, and even the experts don’t know what to expect,” commented Ben Hanna, founder of Soundreach. “However, one thing is certain: Now, more than ever, independent artists have the opportunity to rise and be successful without third-party ‘overlords’ ruling over them. You don’t need to sell your soul to the devil anymore. You just need to be resourceful and strategic to succeed.”

Hanna, a seasoned music professional from Boulder, Colorado, has over 20 years of experience in the music scene. Having left the corporate world to focus on helping musicians, Hanna has helped many artists grow their following and brand. His expertise and passion for music have been instrumental in shaping the services offered by Soundreach.

Comprehensive and Organic Marketing Strategies

Soundreach differentiates itself from its competitors by focusing on organic growth and customized marketing campaigns. Unlike many services that rely on bots to inflate numbers, Soundreach’s campaigns are 100% organic, ensuring genuine engagement and real fanbase growth. The agency’s satisfaction guarantee underscores its commitment to delivering effective and reliable services.

“Soundreach is the solution for musicians looking to build a real following. I’m in the EDM world, and it can be difficult to get started. Ben understood what I faced, and his experience and proven system were perfect for my project. I will continue working with him and recommend Soundreach to others, too. It’s not a hard call to make,” remarked Christa S, a client who gave Soundreach a five-star review.

A New Era for Independent Artists

The launch of Soundreach marks a significant step forward for independent musicians seeking to carve out a space in the competitive music industry. By leveraging innovative marketing techniques and personalized campaigns, Soundreach empowers artists to build a loyal fanbase and achieve sustainable success.

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About Soundreach
Soundreach is a Boulder-based digital marketing agency founded by music industry veteran Ben Hanna. With over 20 years of experience, Soundreach helps independent music artists grow their following through organic growth and customized campaigns, including cold email, targeted ads, PR outreach, and playlist submissions. The company’s mission is to empower artists to succeed without traditional music industry gatekeepers.

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