Sniper Elite 4 for Switch Release Date Announced

Sniper Elite 4 for Switch Release Date Announced

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Rebellion’s award-winning, BAFTA-nominated tactical shooter Sniper Elite 4 is now armed and ready for a November 17 deployment on Nintendo Switch, and it’ll be available in both boxed and digital editions.

Combining emergent stealth action with unrivalled sniping freedom across massive maps, Sniper Elite 4 is the most widely acclaimed entry in Rebellion’s longstanding sharpshooter series.

Sniper Elite 4 Key Art

Sniper Elite 4 offers:

An expansive campaign set in WW2 Italy – help the Resistance fight back!• Genre-defining sniping featuring advanced ballistics and boundless strategy• Trademark X-Ray kill cams, including melee and explosive takedowns• Iconic WW2 weaponry; sniper rifles, pistols, SMGs, traps, grenades and more• Upgrade and customize your skills and weaponry as you progress• Tactical traversal mechanics; climb, hang, shimmy and leap across maps!• Co-op and multiplayer modes across local wireless and online play• And much more

On Nintendo Switch, Sniper Elite 4 offers exclusive new features including:

Motion aim with gyroscopic controls• HD rumble support – feel your heartbeat and bullet impacts!• Pro Controller support to take your precision up a level• Local wireless multiplayer across co-op and versus modes

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