Shawn Jackson’s “The World Around Me” Explores the Modern Side of Poetry

“The World Around Me” by Shawn Jackson

Signing books at Barnes and Noble for “The World Around Me and Songs and Poetry”

The first time Shawn Jackson ever published a book in her life and it happened to be “The World Around Me With Songs and Poetry”

Shawn and her daughter flying in a hot air balloon on her birthday celebrating her years

This picture of the Obama family was presented with the book around “The World Around Me with Songs and Poetry” at the White House when Obama was President

Shawn Jackson’s “The World Around Me” Explores the Modern Side of Poetry

In ‘The World Around Me,’ every word is a note, every verse a melody—a symphony of life’s essence, waiting to be felt and heard.”

— Shawn Jackson

SPOKANE VALLEY, WASHINGTON, UNITED STATES, April 20, 2024 / — Delving into modern poetry at its finest and offering a symphony of emotion with each flip of the page.

With the abundance of the heart, the hand writes and pages speak, and to have them sing is the truest form of everything. It communicates and touches the spirit of every reader through the blurred lines between poetry and lyrics, each expressing the human experience in the most unique manner.

Introducing “The World Around Me,” a captivating collection of poems and songs penned by the talented Shawn Jackson. Indulge into the subject of modern poetry, where every verse is a testament to life’s myriad of emotions—loss, love, and everything in between.

This book is comprised of the different elements of emotion encapsulated in words and made to be a pattern of rhythm and a cadence of the soul, making it appealing to anyone seeking a book that can stir their feelings and reflect on a deeper understanding of one’s perspective of love, loss, and life’s intricacies that have innately convoluted scenarios. Nevertheless, people perchance relate as they share the same pain, delight, and struggle.

Jackson’s words resonate deeply, offering both clarity and raw honesty, with a sharpness that pierces the soul and a lucidity that illuminates the human experience. Poetry enthusiasts, literature lovers, avid readers are encouraged to journey through the depths of these verses, each line a lyrical masterpiece waiting to be savored.

For poetry aficionados, rejoice in the authenticity of Shawn’s voice and the skillful crafting of each rhyme. This book allows the readers to be transported by the haunting melodies of this anthology, awakening the poetic spirit within through the author’s artistic vision.

Shawn writes, “The World Around Me” is a tapestry of wisdom and insight, seamlessly blending cutting-edge commentary with tender reflections. It’s a work that speaks to the resilient spirit in all of us, evoking profound responses that linger long after the final page.” Shawn Jackson’s words strike a chord and create an emotional landscape where readers can deeply connect and find solace.

This anthology is more than a book; it’s an essential addition to any poetry lover’s collection. Take the opportunity to witness the magic within its pages. The author invites readers to explore the poetic flair of the author’s style of writing as it creates an immersive experience for the audience. In essence, this innovative fusion of verse and lyrics elevates “The World Around Me.”

To gain deeper insight about the author, Shawn Jackson, and her heart-stirring books, visit her website: Here, readers can view the highlights of each book. Readers are encouraged to provide feedback and share their thoughts about the books by sending it through Gmail: [email protected].

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