Seccara, Inc. partners with Dellfer, Inc. to advance the emergence of cybersecurity auto insurance

Seccara’s AI-based “Autonomous Vehicular Threat Detection Platform,” powered by leading toolkits from Dellfer and capabilities from Maxxsure drive Cybersurity.

Seccara’s AI-based Autonomous Vehicular Threat Detection Platform allows the Seccara VSoC to seamlessly process data and events that would be untenable to achieve from operation centers of the past.”

— Peter DeNagy, President, Seccara

FRISCO, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, February 5, 2024 / — Seccara, Inc. announced today that it has selected Dellfer, Inc. as a foundational piece of Seccara’s automotive cyber risk insurance platform. As part of their managed service offering, Seccara has developed an AI-based Autonomous Vehicular Threat Detection PlatformTM enabling their Vehicle Security Operations Center (VSoC) to harmonize tens of billions of events, leveraging petabytes of data, and millions of real-time scenarios, providing predictive, and prescriptive analysis of sensor data generated concurrently by millions of vehicles on global roadways.

Using toolkits, monitoring firmware integrity and assessing cyber risk along with other leading offerings and capabilities from Cyber industry leaders, like Maxxsure‘s Cyber Risk Management / Quantification platform. Seccara is poised to enhance safe vehicle operation from a cyber breach perspective.

Seccara CyberSuretyTM: Seccara, in alignment with automotive stakeholders, OEMs, component manufacturers, as well as leading insurance companies, “has developed” an automotive cyber risk insurance platform for drivers, manufacturers, and all vehicular ecosystem partners to mitigate liabilities and manage risks that have been long projected to complicate our love affair with the car and the growing desire to drive autonomously.

“Seccara’s AI-based “Autonomous Vehicular Threat Detection PlatformTM,” powered by leading toolkits from Dellfer and capabilities from Maxxsure, said Seccara President Peter DeNagy, allows the Seccara VSoC to seamlessly process data and events that would be untenable to achieve from classic staffed operation centers of the past. These AI capabilities ensure that we can proactively process anomalies and threats that present in complex automotive sensor arrays derived simultaneously from the data generated by millions of vehicles concurrently. With a focus on firmware integrity, software stability, and cyber risk assessment, Seccara’s cutting-edge threat detection solutions from industry leaders ensure safe and secure autonomous operation of vehicles, enhancing technology and culling automotive cyber risks using innovative insurance solutions.”

“Seccara is coming off the starting line offering cyber insurance features that do not exist in the market today. The demand for Electronic Vehicles (EVs) is outpacing the existing policy offerings of traditional automotive insurance companies, which lack the granularity needed to ensure cyber security for this new class of vehicles. At the intersection of consumers, OEMs, tier one suppliers, and traditional insurance, we are pleased Seccara is delivering this vision.,” said James Blaisdell, CEO of Dellfer. “Data and data analytics are increasingly at the core of EV value, and Seccara’s transformative managed service for auto insurance will help drive consumer demand for 2024 and beyond.”

About Dellfer:
Dellfer is an IoT cybersecurity software company that empowers manufacturers to embed protection against unknown threats and thwart intrusions with unmatched visibility, speed, and accuracy. It meets the connected world’s need for a new, holistic cybersecurity approach that can effectively and efficiently harden IoT devices and keep them from becoming vectors for successful attacks.

Dellfer provides a proven defense against zero-day attacks by continually monitoring Control Flow Integrity. It delivers unmatched visibility to protect connections from national security and defense systems to commercial and consumer devices. With Dellfer, these connected devices have built-in cybersecurity that keeps them from becoming vulnerabilities and threat vectors. For more information, visit:

About Maxxsure:
Maxxsure is a leading global provider of cyber risk management and cyber insurance analytics solutions. With a commitment to customer cyber resilience, Maxxsure empowers organizations to navigate the complex landscape of cyber threats and secure their digital assets. The company’s expertise extends across North America, Europe, and the Middle East, offering tailored solutions for businesses seeking comprehensive cyber risk management strategies, visit:

About Seccara:
At Seccara, we are Intersecting Autonomy, Artificial Intelligence, Cyber Security. and Cyber Insurance. Seccara protects vehicular stakeholders by leveraging tools, technology, governance, and vigilance to help ensure that vehicular compute and sensing systems have not been compromised prior to or during use. Seccara validates car and truck systems prior to use to establish a baseline of proper operation. We watch every car, system, and sensor using our Artificial Intelligence fronted Vehicle Security Operations Center (VSOC). Because of this capability, Seccara can provide consumers with cyber insurance, in partnership with OEMs and distribution partners, to protect the automotive ecosystem, providing surety against hacking and the consequences of automotive cyberbreach. For more information, visit:

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