Russell Crowe gives a shout-out to Robin Hood director’s cut

When a fan pointed out that 26 movies that feature Russell Crowe are readily available on Prime Video, Crowe takes the opportunity to promote Robin Hood.

While Russell Crowe has made it abundantly clear that he’s not in the upcoming Gladiator 2 that Ridley Scott is directing, Crowe is still particularly proud of an overlooked movie that he did with Scott after their Academy Award-winning film. While on social media, Crowe responded to a fan with the handle @DorothyOstra when she posted, “On @PrimeVideo, you can already watch 26 films with @RussellCrowe. And that’s truly impressive home cinema! And then someone wonders why I’ve seen some movies 13 or 16 times, … because I have the best within arm’s reach.”

Crowe would see the post and reply with an opportunity to promote the director’s cut of Robin Hood, which he made with Scott. The Oscar-winning actor replied, “One heart at a time @PrimeVideo, 26 movies ??!! What I really like: The directors cut of Robin Hood. It’s some 17 minutes longer than the theatrical release, but it’s a crucial 17 minutes. Gives the whole movie another layer of clarity, humour and emotional depth.”

It stands to reason that Crowe would want his hard work to be recognized. He did break both his legs on the movie, after all. Here’s one better — not only did he break his legs doing a stunt during the production, but he finished it and didn’t even find out his legs were broken until a decade later. Crowe explained earlier this year, “I jumped off a castle portcullis onto rock-hard uneven ground. We should have prepped the ground and buried a pad but we were in a rush to get the shot done in the fading light.” As he jumped, Crowe said that he knew it was going to hurt before he landed heel-first on the ground below. “It was like an electric shock bursting up through my body,” he said. “We were shooting a big movie, so you just struggle through, but the last month of that job was very tricky. There was a number of weeks where even walking was a challenge.“

Flash forward to ten years later, when Crowe was getting an MRI and was asked by his doctor when he broke his legs, “Apparently he could see the remnants of fractures in both shin bones,” Crowe said. “To jog my memory he said, ‘Would have been maybe 10 years ago?’” Crowe added, “Apparently I finished that movie with two broken legs. All for art. No cast, no splints, no painkillers, just kept going to work and over time they healed themselves.“

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