Rabbi Boruch David Pens Fresh Perspectives About the Genesis of the Fallen Nature of Mankind

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Bringing the Torah to life in a way that has never been done before, Rabbi Boruch David displayed the novelty of his insights and imagination in Adam and Eve: The Rest of the Story—Secrets from the Ancient Wisdom of the Jews. It has been added to PageTurner Press and Media’s theological book collection.

The biblical story of the first man and woman and how they fell short has been retold endlessly. Adam and Eve chronicles more than that. Rabbi Boruch David takes us on an intimate journey to explore history at great length as he enhances the biblical narrative by developing and expanding the conversations between God, Adam, Eve, and the serpent. This is in the hopes of weaving a comprehensive understanding of traditional Jewish philosophy and theology and exploring key concepts, including the creation, age of the universe, purpose of existence, chosenness, and human limitations. These enhanced dialogues, while imaginative, remain true to the literal text of the Bible and ancient Jewish interpretation. Each conversation is supported by essays that prepare readers to better appreciate the subtleties and lessons inherent in the conversations.

With a five-star rating in Readers’ Favorite, Essien Asian expressed enthrallment in this “completely different take on the fire-and-brimstone version with an eye-opening revelation.” It was evident for him that the account of events faithfully narrated by Rabbi Boruch David in Adam and Eve is quite thorough and that “there is enough of a backstory to the accepted versions for a reader to follow and understand what is being explained.” He ended the book review saying, “This is an interesting book, a theological marvel worth top marks for the effort that went into it.”

For Cecelia Hopkins, Adam and Eve: The Rest of the Story—Secrets from the Ancient Wisdom of the Jews “is designed to be used in a meditative manner” as it “identifies the choice between good and evil as fundamental to the human experience.” Adding to her book review in Readers’ Favorite, she especially relished the Talmudic recommendation of “reflecting every day that the world was created for us, thinking the words sounded like an amazing affirmation!”

Diana Lopez highlighted in another Readers’ Favorite book review that Rabbi Boruch David offers a read “that reinforces critical thinking and encourages interest in knowledge.” Tony Espinoza seconded this in a Pacific Book Review articulating, “The balance of creative storytelling with educational and teachable lessons learned from long-standing religious texts make this a very well-balanced book that readers will be hard-pressed to put down.”

Adam and Eve is a ideal as a devotional or as a study aid for individual or small group use. It is available at www.pageturner.us.

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