Pregnant Hilaria Baldwin: Inside A Day in My Life With My 4 Children

Pregnant Hilaria Baldwin: Inside A Day in My Life With My 4 Children

Just call Hilaria Baldwin supermom.

No matter the circumstances, the ”Mom Brain” podcast cohost, 36, is always aiming to make her family her No. 1 priority. And now with school out, it’s easier for the pregnant writer — who’s expecting her fifth child with husband Alec Baldwin — to do that.

So far, Hilaria’s summer has been jam-packed with spending time with Carmen, 6, Rafael, 5, Leonardo, 3, and Romeo, 2. She reveals exclusively in the new issue of Us Weekly that she and her cute crew are enjoying many outdoor activities like swimming and having picnics, as well as face painting.

With such a big brood, the former yoga instructor ensures she schedules one-on-ones with each child too. “They’ve named it mommy time,” she told Us in March. “It can be something as simple as going for a walk. … The most important thing is that we’re together.”

Fortunately, the four children have a “pretty good sibling dynamic,” Hilaria said, but “they do fight” at times. “I just have a big rule that we’re a good team. [Alec and I] have that written on our wedding rings in Spanish that we’re a good team. Anytime there is conflict, you’re never allowed to hurt anyone and you have to use your words. You can’t use mean words.”

While caring for her full house, the Living Clearly Method author is also focusing on herself as she awaits the birth of her baby, due in September.

“I do my yoga and then I’ve been doing barre,” the Spain native told Us in April, noting she’s “obsessed” with Physique 57 classes. “I have a bar that literally is, like, this bannister that I drilled into the side of my wall and that’s where I workout. And then we’re lucky, we have a yard so we’re running around the yard and you know, we’re doing our very best.”

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