Poll: Favorite PG13 Rated Horror Movie

Send Help: Sam Raimi to direct horror comedy adventure film from the writers of Freddy vs. Jason

Sam Raimi is set to direct the island thriller Send Help, working from a screenplay by Freddy vs. Jason writers Damian Shannon and Mark Swift

Thanksgiving: Eli Roth and cast members build up the legend of John Carver in new trailer

In a new trailer for the slasher movie Thanksgiving, director Eli Roth and cast members build up the legend of John Carver

Monster Cereals: Odd choices considered in the 1970s included Vanilla Gorilla, Doctor Orangelove, more

We all know Count Chocula and company, but the likes of Applespider, Professor Nutty and more were considered for the Monster cereals line.

RoboCop: Rogue City video game gets a live-action trailer

A live-action trailer has been released for the video game RoboCop: Rogue City, which will be available to play this week

Halloween Movies Ranked: The Best and Worst from Michael Myers

Which one are you watching tonight?

Godzilla Minus One gets a new trailer and European distribution

Distribution deal for Godzilla Minus One will bring the film to 38 European territories, and a new trailer has been revealed

The Black Phone 2: Could a sequel work?

Universal and Blumhouse are currently developing a sequel to The Black Phone – and we’re trying to figure out how that would work.

Where is Salem’s Lot 2023?

Over a year has gone by since Warner Bros. removed Salem’s Lot from their release schedule. Why has the film been shelved?

Fall: survival thriller is getting two sequels back-to-back

Scott Mann’s survival thriller Fall is getting not just one but two sequels, which will be made back-to-back

The Leader: Michael C. Hall, Grace Caroline Currey join Heaven’s Gate cult biopic

Michael C. Hall and Grace Caroline Currey have joined Tim Blake Nelson, Vera Farmiga, and Simon Rex in The Leader

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