Patrick Schwarzenegger Shares His Hilariously Honest Ice Cream Reviews

Patrick Schwarzenegger Shares His Hilariously Honest Ice Cream Reviews

Who knew Patrick Schwarzenegger had such a discerning palate? For the past few months, the Scream Queens alum has taken to Instagram to share some of his refreshingly honest and LOL-worthy ice cream reviews in a recurring segment he has dubbed Patrick’s Pints.

In the video series, Schwarzenegger adopts a Southern accent and provides candid feedback on some of the most popular and unique ice cream flavors around — rating them on a scale from one to 10. He also occasionally refers to himself as Chef Boyar-Patrick.

In the inaugural episode of Patrick’s Pints, for example, which premiered amid the coronavirus pandemic in April 2020, the California native sampled some tiramisu ice cream from Sweet Rose Creamery. “Look at that coating!” he exclaimed as he opened the pint. “We got white, we got dark, we got brown, we got coffee, we got crust — we’ve got it all.”

After taking a “Ring Around the Rosie” bite, the star shared his verdict. “Foot on the line, that is out of bounds,” he gushed. As Schwarzenegger explained, he was particularly fond of the frozen treat’s “silky smoothness,” courtesy of the coffee and a “little bit of crumble” from the pastry itself.

While Patrick’s Pints is certainly silly and lighthearted in nature, the Daniel Isn’t Real star does use it as a way to shine a light on local businesses, as well as those that are owned and operated by veterans.

Additionally, the food-focused series has gained a devoted following in the months since its debut. At the start of the July 13 episode, Schwarzenegger revealed that he received an apropos gift from a loyal viewer. “I just want to start off by thanking one of my fans who made me a special gold, Patrick’s Pints engraved spoon so that I don’t get any lick of a silver spoon,” he said. “Thank you.”

Patrick’s Pints is also a hit with the Grown Ups 2 star’s famous family and friends. His sister Katherine Schwarzenegger frequently leaves sweet comments on the videos, as does her husband, Chris Pratt, who was a fan of the “Ring Around the Rosie” reference in the first episode. Schwarzenegger’s mom, Maria Shriver, commented: “These are genius.”

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