PAR Unveils New Secure Data Center Decommissioning Services in Atlanta to Avert Data Disasters

Atlanta, GA – Shocking Survey Reveals 54% of People Fear Businesses Are Leaving Them Vulnerable to Identity Theft

A recent survey exposes a massive trust gap between businesses and consumers when it comes to data security. The results are a wake-up call for any organization handling sensitive information. Here’s why:

  • Over Half Fear the Worst: A staggering 54% of people surveyed worry a criminal could get their hands on personal information entrusted to a business. Is your company one they’re worried about?
  • Data Mishandling? Nearly 4 out of 10 (36%) people are concerned about employee data breaches. Are you confident your staff understands proper data handling procedures?
  • Knowledge Gap Leaves Millions Exposed: A massive 37% of people – rising to a shocking 47% for those over 55 – are unsure how to respond to a data leak. Is your business prepared to guide them through this nightmare scenario?

These statistics paint a frightening picture. Millions of people are entrusting businesses with their personal information, yet a significant portion fear it’s not secure. Is your business creating a breeding ground for identity theft?

Don’t Let Your Customers Become Victims! Prime Asset Recovery Can Help.

Prime Asset Recovery offers a comprehensive suite of services designed to safeguard sensitive data and prevent identity theft:

  • Fort Knox-Level Shredding: Our secure shredding services ensure complete destruction of digital data stored on storage drives, eliminating the risk of data breaches and safeguarding sensitive information.
  • Digital Detox: We offer secure data wiping for electronic devices, ensuring no trace of sensitive information remains accessible.

Identity theft is a pressing issue that affects millions of individuals and businesses worldwide,” said Adam Levitt, COO of Prime Asset Recovery. “Our mission is to mitigate these risks by offering secure, efficient, and eco-friendly disposal of IT assets. We’re enhancing our services to protect sensitive information from falling into the wrong hands while adhering to our commitment to environmental stewardship.

PAR has expanded its electronics recycling services in Atlanta to address the increasing demand for secure data destruction and effective e-waste management. This enhanced program is crafted to assist both businesses and individuals in safely recycling their electronic devices, ensuring environmentally responsible disposal. Through this initiative, PAR reinforces its commitment to combating e-waste and advocates for stronger identity security and a more sustainable planet.

Prime Asset Recovery has introduced SSD shredding services as part of its commitment to safeguarding sensitive information and promoting environmental stewardship. This advanced service is designed to meet the critical needs of both corporations and individuals seeking to dispose of their solid-state media securely, preventing data breaches and contributing to e-waste reduction. With this initiative, Prime Asset Recovery stands at the forefront of combining data security with responsible recycling efforts, highlighting its dedication to protecting personal information and the environment.

Free Data Center Decommissioning

Prime Asset Recovery is now offering Data Center Decommissioning services, underscoring its commitment to data security and environmental sustainability. This service is tailored for businesses looking to safely retire their outdated IT infrastructure. By employing meticulous decommissioning processes, Prime Asset Recovery ensures that all data is securely erased and that hardware is recycled or disposed of in an environmentally responsible manner. This approach not only safeguards sensitive information but also supports the global effort to reduce e-waste, affirming Prime Asset Recovery’s role as a leader in both information security and ecological stewardship.

With a decade of experience, PAR remains dedicated to innovation and excellence in IT asset disposition and electronics recycling. The company’s comprehensive services, including its celebrated free data center decommissioning, set a new standard in the industry, making it easier for companies to upgrade their infrastructure responsibly while contributing to a sustainable future.

Partner with Prime Asset Recovery and Give Your Customers Peace of Mind.

By prioritizing physical and digital data security, you can build trust with your customers and avoid the devastating consequences of a data breach. Don’t wait for a disaster to strike.


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