NW Arkansas Band Project 1268 Hitting Airwaves in U.K.

The Northwest Arkansas singing/songwriting duo Haley Webster and Craig Brown of the band Project 1268 are gaining popularity in the U.K. with their new single Bravery and Apathy.

Cover of the new song “Bravery and Apathy,” which is generating a lot of airtime currently in the U.K.

Project 1268 logo.

Arkansas songwriting duo making waves in the United Kingdom. The pair has original songs currently playing on Britain’s largest Internet station.

A roaring statement of defiance, introspection, and raw power. The song isn’t just about powerful music. It’s also about meaningful content.”

— British music reviewer Tamera Jenna

August 23, 2023

NW Arkansas Band Project 1268 Hitting Airwaves in U.K.

Northwest Arkansas’ hottest pop band Project 1268 is hitting the airwaves in the United Kingdom with their new song Bravery and Apathy. The song, which was released earlier this summer, has become quite popular with the British getting up to 20 plays a week on Britain’s largest Internet radio station Amazing Radio, along with plays in the U.S.

The song hits the rock segment with this remastered anthem and is gaining the attention of rock listeners and reviewers alike.

British music reviewer Tamera Jenna said the song was “a roaring statement of defiance, introspection, and raw power.”

“The song isn’t just about powerful music. It’s also about meaningful content,” she said. “The lyrics are thought provoking, demanding multiple listens to truly unpack the layers of meaning.”

In the true style of the band, “Bravery and Apathy” focuses on the thoughts of society and reflects the challenges between letting your voice be heard or remaining complacent in the challenges of the world.

The band was formed by the songwriting and performing duo of Craig Brown and Haley Webster, two high school friends from Oklahoma. The duo recently placed sixth in a national contest for the chance to perform in New York City.

Brown said it’s always amazing when they hear their songs get picked up by stations heard around the world.

“We can’t believe it sometimes. Our daily life goes by then we hear our songs are getting multiple plays on Britain’s largest Internet radio station. To think someone over there is driving along and listening to something we wrote and recorded is sometimes overwhelming,” he said.

Webster said each of their songs has their own message, but each one speaks to the same thing – connecting with human beings regardless of where they live.

“Our purpose in our lyrics is to connect with other human beings. To say, ‘I’ll start the conversation: here’s my experience.’ I reach out to them, and they hear my story; we are connected,” she said. “If that story resonates with them, it strengthens and encourages both of us because we feel understood and acceptable. Knowing that is powerful.”

“Bravery and Apathy” is the fourth song by the group to be picked up by the station this year. Other songs that have resonated with listeners both here in the U.S. and abroad include “Happiness” and “Put The Needle Down” as well as the album “Scarce Commodities.”

The new single and the group’s other songs are available on Spotify and many of their music videos can be seen on YouTube. For more information, visit the group’s website at www.project1268.com. The group can also be reached through Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. For bookings go to https://project1268.com/bookings or contact [email protected].


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Link to Project 1268’s the recent single Bravery and Apathy

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