Not-So-Crazy Plane Lady reveals the real story

So-called ‘Crazy Plane Lady’ Tiffany Gomas joins Alex Perry on the Alex Perry On Fire podcast to talk about what happened in that famous, viral airplane video.

Tiffany Gomas of Dallas, AKA The Crazy Plane Lady, said she takes full responsibility for what happened on that American Airlines flight and wishes she had handled it differently.

Tiffany Gomas, dubbed The Crazy Plane Lady after a video of her on an American Airlines flight went viral, says her skin is even thicker now. She had to ‘dig deep’ into who she is to recover.

On the Alex Perry On Fire podcast, Tiffany Gomas for the first time shares the reason she lost it on that flight—and how she’s moving past her viral notoriety

DALLAS, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, June 12, 2024 / — Little did Tiffany Gomas know that the flight she boarded one summer day on her way to a family vacation would change her life forever—and send her home with a new name, “The Crazy Plane Lady.”

Gomas, who gained unwanted fame in summer 2023 after claiming that a fellow passenger made her feel uncomfortable and was “not real,” appears on the Alex Perry On Fire podcast June 12. For the first time, she reveals what led to her insisting on deboarding the plane and then being asked to leave the airport.

“When I got home, it all just started running through my mind, like what in the world just happened? This is not good,” she told podcast host Alex Perry. “Obviously, I wish I could take it back.”

For months after the incident, she opted to lay low, trying to keep out of the spotlight. However, the video had gone viral and, nearly a year later, still plagues her.

But, with the support of family and true friends, her life has just started to normalize.

Perry has known Gomas for more than a decade as a fun and straight-shooting entrepreneur, and he recalls watching the videos about the incident in disbelief.

“I really appreciate Tiffany’s courage and her insight into how she owned up to her mistake and faced the fallout,” Perry said. “This is what the podcast is about. Through a social media frenzy, Tiffany was recast and renamed, and now she is using her resilience and spirituality to rebuild and reenergize her life. I’m learning a lot from her courage.”

Gomas talks to Perry about how she has survived the months since the viral video. She said she’s had to dig deep into who she is and try not to care about what other people think, especially on social media.

She can joke about it now, but mainly only with family. She says she has always had thick skin—but now it’s truly calloused.

More than anything, she takes all responsibility for what happened that day, and she continues to wish she had handled it differently. Not just for herself, but for her family and close friends, who have had to answer for her actions, too.

Learn how that day has transformed her life on the latest episode of Alex Perry On Fire.


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